Monday, March 27, 2017

MOTO GP: 2016 MIA - The Most Exciting Season that Nobody Saw!

Didn't Y'all Stateside see them ultimate Kneedraggers' on the Telie last year? And did anybody Stateside see 'em this past weekend from Qatar; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Cannot help but think how MotoGP's currently Head 'N Shoulders above thou Pee Knuckle 'O Motorsports, nee Formula 1 right now in terms of On-track action!

What! Y'all didn't see I-T here last year Stateside? WTF! Like doesn't everybody on their overpriced, bloated cable TV service get Peep, Peep, Crickets? Err beIN' Sports; Uhm, beIN' WHO!

As seriously, a record nine different riders claiming victory last season, with an astounding four riders scoring their debutante win; SHEISA!

As I've got ZERO idea if I'll remember, or have time? To peruse the A-L-L Knowing Intrawoods' to see; Uhm, have Lucy', my ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader read me who was fastest in the final test before racing under the Desert Stars 'O Qatar.

As My Boy Maverick Vinales, who I've glommed onto calling him Top gun...

As this SHITZ' gotta stop! Or I really need to start buying some Freakin' Powerball tickets! As I kid Yu NOT! As I began typing Maverick's name above, Kenny Loggins began croonin' Highway to The Danger Zone on my crappy 'Ol radio station; Chuh-Ching!

As Maverick's been fastest in every test session prior to the final test outing March 10-12 at Losail International Circuit before the season starts a Fortnight later (March 26th) at the same Qatari venue.

Whilst surely; Oh No, Here we G-O again; Don't call me Shirley; Hya! Marcus Pinball Wizard Marquez will surely be the man to beat for the title, although it's 2-Wheelz' FUCKING Bad we won't get to witness the Fireworks between Top Gun Vinales, Pinball Whiz Kid Marquez, "The Doctor" (Valentino Rossi) Jorge "the Dancin' Robot" Lorenzo and whomever else dares crash their party!

Meanwhile, whilst naturally I wasn't privy to the tacky dismissal Suzuki carried out against Aleix Espargaro last year, the elder of the Espargaro brothers, with Paul now riding for the brand new KTM Factory squad.

Nonetheless, I'm mildly intrigued over how Aleix rebounds this season aboard the Works Aprilia effort for which apparently many count as a step down from his previous Suzuki mount.

And whilst it's a Real Shame! That NOBODY's seein' MotoGP's ultimate Kneedraggers Stateside on thee Telie', nonetheless, I sure DON'T mind NOT having to get up at Bloody Oh DARK 30 for the live broadcasts anymore!