Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AUTOS: Fast Cars Shine at Amelia Island...

One of Mazda's legendous' 1991 4-Rotor Le Mans Prototype Beasts Headlines this year's Amelia Island's Auction. (Image source:
Hmm? Why does the name of this Island make me think of that Queen of The Skies, Amelia Earhart...

Otay, so it's a reach! Especially since I cannot SEE my paddle and the Outrigger's gettin' in Duh Way; Cymbol Crash please!

Especially since these priceless gems have already gone underneath the Hammer on a different island, presumably as part of pumpin' U-P Sebring's festivities, albeit I've got ZERO idea where Amelia Earhart Island  is?

Actually, whenever I hear the name Amelia Island, for reasons unknown, I always Flashback to Sir Stirling Moss being interviewed live from the Concours de Elegance Thar on Ye B-I-G' Windbag Dave Despain's dearly missed Wind Tunnel show on SPEED. As Holy Rolex Timepieces Batman! How can it be nearly a decade ago I witnessed that?

And although I've got NO idea if the Bloody Brit ever drove one of  the competition models? It seems that Sir Stirling has claimed to have driven almost everything, and surely has seen some seat time in those epic Cats?

Whilst another British Bloke of esteemed, or is I-T STEAMED AIR? Hya! Once known briefly as HobbsCap', or better known here in Nofendersville as 'Ol Hobbo, aka David Hobbs, who's voice we'll presumably be hearin' shortly on thou Telie, right? although I've got NO clue when the Australian Grand Prix is being broadcasted...

As who'd Ah Thunk I-T? Three winning 24 Heurs du Mans marques, i.e.; Mazda, Porsche and Jaguar, albeit not in that order were present at Amelia Island, where also two past 24hrs competitors have been honoured...

As I was totally unawares' that 'Ol Hobbo had had his day in the Florida Sunshine, when the Amelia Island Concours paid homage to him with a vast presentation of past vehicles he'd piloted, when Messer Hobbs was the guest 'O honour at Amelia Island Wayback in Twenty-oh-Nine.

Whilst Y'all can check out the Concours Official website at: Amelia Island Concours de Elegance

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