Wednesday, March 1, 2017

AUTOS: London Motor Museum - Batmobile Deuce'

The Avant Garde, Art Deco inspired (1989-92) Tim Burton films second generation Batmobile. (The Tomaso Collection)
The vehicle featured in this story may/may not still be on display. As these pictures were taken during last Summer; August, 2016...

I'm gueesing when Y'all hear the word Batmobile, Yuhs immediately think of the original, iconic first generation rocket-sled created by the late George Barris, eh?

Yet leave I-T to whom Thy late Awntie Harriet always bellowed YOU FATHEAD! Complementing Jay Leno for his looks 'N grandeur! For where I began in earnest my weekly viewing of his Jay Leno's Garage TV Show last summer, which naturally sparked thou Questione.

Whilst I've lamented some more 'O my riveting thoughts upon thoust Mister large-mouth Cabezon in the following No Fenders tome;

And I found the following Youtube clip upon the "European" lair; Err Bat Cave in Jolly 'Ol London, albeit cannot discern which Batmobiles are residing Thar'

Rear profile of the second generation Batmobile. (The Tomaso Collection)
Yet this is arguably my favourite Batmobile - of the two I could S-E-E! Since my Bat Vision's CRAPPED OUT long ago; CRIKEYS! As I've just got really crappy eyes these days; but I digress...

And although the original Crime Fighter's 1960's ride is probably more famous? Nonetheless, I've always preferred the brawnier, brasher, and definitely more modern looks of this "Stunner!" As don't know 'bout Y'all, but the original "bubble-top" open canopies Bat-1' just seems quite dated to Mwah. Then again its over a half century old, as Holy Time Capsule Batman!

As reportedly the second generation Batmobile, which I've denoted as Deuce, or Bat-2' was the same vehicle in the final two Batman Films I've witnessed Onscreen and later on television.

As it's funny to Mwah how although I vaguely recall Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne persona, I recall way more vividly Kim Basinger, "Here's Johnny," nee Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pheiffer as CatWoman; MEOW! In the two Tim Burton films respectively, along with enjoying Michael Gough as Alfred, the Butler.

As perhaps Bat-2' unexpectedly made a cameo somewheres', eh? Albeit NO idea where...

(Photos Courtesy of Clarity Pictures)