Monday, March 27, 2017

F1: So, just who did Drive the #33 in Melbourne?

Like was I-T Joseph, Paul, Max, Ringo or George? As how does that 'Ol Paul Simon song G-O? You can call me Stan, Jack, Gus, Slim or Lee, but just NO reason to be Coy Roy!

Shirley; Oh No! Uhm, surely by now, if you're a regular reader of this Award Winning Blog site, then Y'all know that I'm definitely NOT known for my speeling foreteh' here in Nofendersville; Hya!

As ARSE-Sumedly it's just Mwah, butt, I found I-T Hilarious over the concerted effort to mistakenly identify the driver behind the keyboard of the No. 33 Red Bull Racing RB13 over the tail end of the second winter testing session.

As perhaps it's some sort of mental Blockitus issue over whom No Fenders F1 Spotter Jeannie has proclaimed simply as "The Brat!" As I found it comical that four separate media sources had put their Blinders on, having trouble identifying the teenager Niederlander sensation...

As first via the Daily Mail, in a story provided by the Press Association, I was surprised to hear the name Joseph used, which trolley's a first. Then Reuters motorsports correspondent slipped 'N called him Max. And then Ditto for The Guardian's F1 correspondent. And finally, my favourite Grizzled Journo' did this not once, but twice...

All of which left me to joke with Jeannie that apparently The Brat's NOT racing this year, to which she said How Come? Well, his cousin Joseph and father Max are racing in his place instead; Hooah!

And since I'll most likely not be finding my way anywheres' near a television over the race weekend, since I'll be wishing to bob in the Pacific Ocean with the green sea turtles one final time.

Along with possibly a return engagement to the Kona Brewery for some of their delectable  Pizzano 'N Suds', bumpin' elbows with a kid really named Dundee; Crikeys Mates!

As I've got ZERO clue who'll be chaufferin' the #33, but I'll go out on a limb, and predict that Max; Err Jos Dutchboy' Verstappen will start the race; Hya!

As presumably the Australian GP winner will be one of a very small handful, with the entire grid chasing those G-DAMN Silver Arrows; Ja Volt! With only the Red Bulls and Ferrari's playing the role of spoilers...