Monday, March 6, 2017

Indy Lights returning to the fold in 2017, with Season Finales joining Indy Cars at The Glen

What's Dat 'O Tomaso's been harpin' on 'bout the past few years now, eh? Somme-thun' about Lights not finishing with their B-I-G' BROTHERS...


This year's Indy Lights schedule's been tweaked for A-L-L three of its Mazda Road To Indy (MRTI) ladder series: US F2000, Pro Mazda and Indy Lights respectively. As the biggest, and most welcomed change is the announcement, if I've read the memo correctly; that these junior Open Wheel Racing categories will crown their respective champions during the Watkins Glen IndyCar race weekend; RIGHT ON!

As finishing on an IndyCar related weekend should give added exposure to both series, as now A-L-L IndyCar's gotta do is step up to the plate and FREAKIN' Broadcast the Lights finale the same day on Terrestrial TV before the B-I-G' CARZ take to the track for their race outing...

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