Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lights, NO Cameras and Action only Available on Webcast...

Ho-Hum, another year, another Season Finale Flying largely underneath Thou Radar...

Although Dan Anderson certainly knows what he's doing, is way smarter than Thou, and his Bank Account's definitely larger than mine...

Nonetheless, I've got a serious Problema with the Indy Lights season finale being part of the Mazda Pirelli World Challenge Cup at Laguna Seca, and hence, NOT crowning it's champion alongside it's B-I-G' BRO'S finale at Sonoma, where it would garner the same audience as Indy Cars; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Especially now that there's more championship Contenders going into the season finale' Double Header weekend, with 66-points still on the table. As seriously? Round-2 of Laguna Seca will be aired tape delayed in the middle of Thursday night on NBCSN, four days after the results are known...

Began typing this before the Lights penultimate round at Watkins Glen - running just a single event on the fabulous Glen's permanent Road course, in lieu of the traditional Double Header Twisties' weekend outings.

As Schmidt Peterson Motorsports rookie Santiago Urrutia had taken the points lead from Carlin's Ed Jones, with Andretti Autosport's rookie Dean Stoneman in third, all still very alive for the championship crown,.

Especially when there was still a maximum of 99-points available with three rounds remaining, i.e.; Watkins Glen and Laguna Seca...

With a few other drivers still mathematically alive, if I've done my Homework correctly? Since it was akin to Pulling Teeth to learn the Drivers Points Scoring System; URGH!

Although there is a Championship for both Drivers and Teams, I'm really only concerned with the Drivers Championship. With a maximum of 3-bonus points available, i.e.; One each for Pole, Most Laps led & Fastest Race lap...

Points are awarded for Positions 1 thru 20 in the following manner:

(Prior to Round 16 at Watkins Glen)
1) Santiago Urrutia     309
2) Ed Jones                     293
3) Dean Stoneman      284

Originally at the beginning of the season, I found Santiago to be a little bit of what Thy late Awntie Harriet would call a Fathead! And was rootin' for Dean Stoneman to win the championship.

Yet upon listening to the Uruguayan farmer turned racer interviewed on Don Kay's 'lil Autosport Radio Show, I really liked what I heard. Plus the fact that if he doesn't win the title, he'll probably have to go home and return to farming!

For which how could Yuhs not suddenly want him to be victorious and become the sport's very first Uruguayan to race at Mother Speedway in the B-I-G' DANCE, nee Indy 500...

As Santi, is trying to eclipse Uruguay's late Gonzalo Rodriguez, who lost his life racing for Team Penske at Laguna Seca, so it'd only be fitting for Urrutia to clinch the title on September 11th, the date of Rodriguez's death in 1999; for which Santiago celebrated last year by winning the Pro Mazda title on the same, said anniversary.

But congratulations to Zachery Veach for swiftly moving from fifth to P1 on the opening lap at The Glen and never looking back! Whilst Urrutia first faltered from second, dropping to fifth and then blowing out a tyre after heavily Flat-spotting I-T to make the championship wide open...

(Following  Watkins Glen)
1) Santiago Urrutia     319
2) Ed Jones                     318
3) Dean Stoneman      296
4) Zach Veach                288
5) Felix Serrall├ęs           281

Know that both Laguna Seca Lights races will be "Streamed" via this weekend. As hopefully they'll be of better quality than last year's, when One-armed Paperhanger Rob "Some Heads are Gonna Roll!" Howden was the lone voice calling a grainy, scratchy webcast, which as typical Dumped upon Mwah...