Thursday, September 15, 2016

Formula 1 is finally Sold (again)

Once again, your humble No Fenders Scribe missed Thou Memo of Formula 1's takeover; Err purchase by Liberty Media being announced last Wednesday due to being en route to another pilgrimage to Mount Rainier, but I digress...

And it's scary that I found the most information in one of Liberty's competitors FOX stories upon the transaction, which is overly complex as pointed out by Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward in the exchanging of share percentages that will occur during the finalizing of the complete transfer of power to Liberty Media, who'll become rebranded as the Formula One Group; Huh? in March, 2017.

Liberty's chairman John Malone, age 75 is the second largest shareholder of Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel amongst other fast media holdings, nee Charter Communications, Live Nation, etc.

Thus, it'll be interesting to see if the recent shoddy treatment of Formula 1 Terrestrial TV broadcasting by NBCSN, owned by comca$t, certainly a competitor of Liberty's, is in any way related?

Since apparently their F1 contract expires this year with an option for 2017, which presumably will not be exercised? Especially since Liberty's whole aim is to add content to its media platforms, with the NBC Family 'O television networks being content to focus upon RASSCAR' instead...