Friday, September 23, 2016

Michael Still Weeping...

Long ago photograph of a jubilant Michael Schumacher during the Ferrari glory days. (The Tomaso Collection)
It's sad to think that just over 10yrs ago, the Sport's winningest driver won his 91st and final Grand Prix in Shanghai, China...

Hmm? funny how life works eh? As I was on the blower' earlier this week to Queen Danica's former Bosses, Y'all know, Who's your Daddy? Uhm, I meant Go Daddy for whom this prolific No Fenders Blogsite's Domain is purchased thru, as it was time for its annual renewal.

As guess Y'all are Stuck with Mwah for another year of Award Winning BLOB' Stories; Hya!

As the friendly Customer Service Representative asked me what's going on with Schumacher? As he was apparently looking at the No Fenders Homepage which just so happened to feature Herr Schumacher's image upon it.

Think he actually asked me if Michael was still alive? Which I chuckled 'N gave my standard answer: That's the $64,000 dollar Questione! Elaborating how the family is keeping a total lid upon his condition, having just sued a German media outlet. Oh? You mean like in Defamation? Yeah, that's the ticket; Err lawsuit Ja Volt!

Then he asked me wasn't Schumacher like the best Formula 1 driver during the 1990's? Saying he'd grown up then in Indianapolis and summer's were a bore there... And wanted to know if I'd ever attended any of the Grands Prix Thar?

Ironically, I was trying to Poond' away on my ever mushrooming '01 USGP retrospective tome when he asked me 'bout this.

Whilst nowadays, whenever I get asked 'bout thee Sleeping Michael, I immediately think of 'Ol Willie Nelson's rendition of Droppin' in to see what Condition his Condition's in...

Yes, I've been twice to the USGP I replied, circa 2001 & 2006. As he then digressed upon how boring the Indy 500 was, attendance's down and now 'RASSCAR's having the same Problema!

To which I countered that I was Thar with 350,000 of my closest Friendz' this May; Oh? Where'd Yuhs sit? South end Short-chute between Turn's 1-2.

Oh, we used to sit in Turn 4, as my Dad got tickets through his work, before I mentioned that Indy Cars were racing at Phoenix International Raceway, since I'd called the Arizona telephone number; HUH? Is that a new race? Well sorta, as this was its first year back after an eleven year hiatus.

Is it a good race? To which I took the Geo. Phillips stance, claiming I'd "watched" I-T on Thy Telie', as didn't need to elabourate upon my blindness, eh? Telling him I'd only been there for Indy Cars once over two decades ago, the track's been totally reconfigured and moved to a night race.

Saying how watching on TV vs. being there in person are two totally different Animals, which I can truly attest too, as my best (and only) IndyCar race this season was being "live" at Mother Speedway!

Told him to check I-T out, as they'll be racing there next April 29th, for which I'm ponderin' attending, if I can get somebody to take me? Although not sure if I'd enjoy the HEAT! As this is another race that Miles & Co. are Monkeying with its Date equity...

notice how I didn't say a word 'bout Portland, eh? Which in two more years time will match Phoenix's hiatus from the IndyCar calendar. Although T' Bell (Townsend) made me ultra happy by mentioning On air how he'd like to see Portland back on the calendar during the Sonoma weekend...