Thursday, September 15, 2016

Alex Zanardi continues Amazing Us 15 years later...

No Fenders Scribe Tomaso incredulously meets the legendous' Alex Zanardi briefly at Mother Speedway on Carb Day, 2013. (The Tomaso Collection)

One of the Coolest Catz' ever! Who simply doesn't give up...

As many Headlines are noting, today marks the fifteenth anniversary of El Zorro', aka Alex Zanardi's nearly fatal crash at the Lausitzring, in the former East Germany.

As Zanardi's accident occurred just four days after that most elaborately Theatrical act simply known as 9-11 which I watched on Thy Telescreen and have previously scribbled labourisly about, albeit as typical how can five years have already slipped by? As the memory of Zanardi desperately wishing to let go of the speed limiter whilst exiting Pitlane and resume the lead is fleeting...

Yet instead of focusing upon that most Horrific Shunt, where Zanardi's heart stopped seven times and only had a litre of blood left before being saved! I'd prefer to focus upon the present, as I was totally unawares' that this most affable Italian was once again competing in the Paralympics, this time in Brazil.

As I-T really froths me that the media's continuous White-washing 'O History ceasessly foams away, by claiming that Zanardi won two Open Wheel Racing championships in Champ Car; Uh WRONGO' again! As why is there such a concerted effort to ignore CART, nee Championship Auto Racing Team's rightful place in modern day sport?

As hopefully today's news from Rio will bring another smile to my face with Zanardi having secured his fourth Paralympics Hand Cycling gold Medal! As I'll forever cherish my good fortune of Alex walking over to greet me at Mother Speedway on Carb Day!

Having last wistfully opined' about the legendous' accomplishments of El Zorro whilst busily spending thy Dazes reclined on thou chaise lounge chair on the deck of our Oceanside perch in Kona...


(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS)

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