Monday, September 19, 2016

F1: Another Schumacher in the Making?

Michael Schumacher, United States GP 2006 - The Cahier Archive. (Image source:
Really hard to believe this is my 30th year of watching Formula 1; YIKES! Which despite Uncle Bernaughty's STUPENDOUSLY Coyly crafted disparaging comments upon the day that Winter Testing began, remember that Y'all? I'm still paying Attenzione to Thy Sport sorta, barely...

Like Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward said Wayback then; let's FREAKIN' forget Mr. E's comments, shall we? Although I added the FREAKIN' sentiments above, as it must be hard to swallow that your days as El Commendatore' are coming to a close, Eh Bernie?

And due to the ridiculously late Peacock-lite (NBCSN) encore broadcast times, not to mention the race's 10PM-Midnight Pacific re-airing being of the 2hr Dumb Downed Mini-broadcast format; URGH! I simply ignored paying Attenzione to much of one of the sport's great venues, la Autodromo Nazionale Monza this past Labour Day weekend, albeit reluctantly sittin' in thee DARK to watch; Err listen to the Peacock-lite Booth Boyz warble on over the mildly entertaining race...

Naturally, much Attenzione was focused upon this year's lightning rod Gran Primo Pilote' Max "Dutchboy" Verstappen, as I've just had an epiphany over this but first, let's get to some well put perspective upon this, eh?

As I'll agree with Lewis Hamilton; GROAN! That Max indeed is still only an 18yr old teenager, so cut him some slack. But at the same time, Verstappen needs to realize his Waltzing Matilda driving style is indeed gonna end up in tears one day definitely!

As Max certainly isn't the first Formula 1 driver to make his racecar extremely wide or difficult to pass, along with erratic driving style in general. As why does "Irv-the-Swerve" keep popping to mind? Although I think the Dutch sensation would rather be viewed in the Eddie Irvine mold rather than another well known handful, simply known as Walldanado; OUCH! As I believe that "Sir Crashalot," nee Pastor Maldonado's driving was considered anything but brilliant!

As I still chuckle over Irvine's brashness being tempered for himself after that scary looking collision at the '94 season opener at Brazil. Ironically when Max's father Jos "THE BOSS!" Verstappen, elevated to Michael Schumacher's team-mate at Benetton was the victim of a scary looking Barrel-roll accident after being clipped by Irvine at 200mph! Where upon the Plucky Irishman EJ's Jordan's Grand Prix appealing his one race suspension was promptly given a three race ban instead!

Whilst Thy epiphany? Hmm, perhaps the media's focusing its Spotlights so harshly upon Max because this season is another Ho-Hum virtual Whitewash by Team Mercedes Silver Arrows, with Lewis Hamilton en route to his third consecutive world championship; YAWN!

Whilst another piece 'O F1 History seems completely overlooked, as I'd certainly forgot about I-T! Although ex-Marussia F1, turned IndyCar driver Max Chilton paid homage to "Niki-the-Rat's" protagonist the same weekend at Watkins Glen with his James Hunt tribute livery helmet...

Thus it now seems amazing, along with being ages ago that one of the sport's most prolific drivers was making his debut for la Scuderia, in glowing scarlet, nee Scuderia Ferrari two decades ago, as soon to become DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher was making his Ferrari debut on a chilly morning at Fiorano twenty years ago...

As although it would take a further four years for Michael and Ferrari to reach Thou Promised land, albeit showing signs of their impending greatness by capturing the lucrative Constructors championship in 1999. La Scuderia would become invincible for the next five years beginning with the dawn of the twenty-first century, in what's simply known as Y2k.

Hence, it now strikes me that even as it suffers to return to the ultimate glory with 'lil Sid Viddle, nee Sebastian Vettel, who appears to be one of Hamilton's few protagonists, along with Verstappen. Even if Max becomes world champion with Red Bull, certainly there's nothing like the magic of becoming world champion for Scuderia Ferrari, which both the sport and history so richly desires.

Thus, surely Verstappen "Junior" will feel the allure of wearing scarlet overalls one day, and dream of becoming world champion for Scuderia Ferrari, which it appears Vettel will not be able to accomplish.

Lastly, interestingly 'Wee Willie Buxom, nee Will Buxton pontificated upon Felipe Massa making his F1 retirement announcement at Monza in order to pay tribute to Michael Schumacher. Who ten years prior, upon making his forlorn retirement from F1 and Ferrari, paved way for Massa to race a further ten years in Thou Pinnacle 'O Motorsports, nee Formula 1.

As it's somewhat scary to think a decade's passed me by since that most glorious outing with Thy late Awntie Harriet and Claudio' to Mother Speedway, the final time I witnessed Herr Schumacher winning a Grand Prix, where I did my Bestest' 'lil German Boy waving his baton in joyous revelry to the Italian national anthem impersonation...

Alas, will it be Vettel handing over to Verstappen for glory at la Scuderia in the future?