Wednesday, September 21, 2016

200 is just a number for Formula 1 starts nowadays...

Hard to believe how Graham Hill once held the record for most Grands Prix starts with a "paltry" 176, which stood for ten years before Jacques Laffite equaled it in his final Grand Prix at Brands Hatch in 1986 - where he shattered his ankles whilst taking evasive maneuvers, effectively ending his F1 career!

While both Lewis Hamilton and Seb' Vettel have surpassed that tally this season, effectively due to the ever increasing number of Grands Prix each year...

Watching this year's Singapore GP Qualie' Show, I learned that Nico Rosberg was making his 200th Grand Prix start that weekend, becoming the once Holy Grail's 200 Starts club's newest member.

Which Nico celebrated in grand style by Blitzing the competition all weekend long en route to capturing his sixth maiden Grand Prix victory at a circuit he's never previously won at!

As Rosberg should Zoom-Zoom his way past "Mean Jean" Alesi, (202-starts) and triple world champion Nelson Piquet (204-starts) by season's end with six races remaining after Singapore.

Then effectively leapfrog Andrea Duh Crasheris', (208-starts) Gerhard Berger (210-starts) and Mark Handlebarz' Webber (215-starts) easily next year before setting his sights upon the Top-10, with Fishy-fellah', Giancarlo Fisichella currently occupying the No. 10 spot. As the Italian finished his F1 career with 229-starts.

Really hard to believe it's ten years already since Thy late Awntie Harriet rubbed elbows with some fresh faced 21yr old rookie F1 Jockey whilst returning home from Mother Speedway...

While the young Louise JAGUAR' Hamilton and 'lil Sid Viddle', aka Sebastian Vettel will both join the 200 Starts Club next season provided they don't suffer any long-term absences from the cockpit...

And if I've done my sums correctly? Carry the six, multiply by four; Oh Never Mind; Hya! Good 'Ol Bloody 'JENSE should be making his momentous 300th Grand Prix start at the forthcoming Malaysian GP, where Messer Button will become only the third F1 driver to ever accomplish the feat!

Although I really cannot see Jenson returning to Formula 1 at age 38 and wonder why driver's cannot simply announce their retirement?

All of this number crunching made me hungry, as why did Captain Crunch come to mind; Hya! Uhm, decide to update my internal F1 Records here in Nofendersville, for which I've deduced the following Stats whilst ponderin' where the current F1 Grid's participants rank?

As certainly it's unheard of in Formula 1 parlance to have four drivers on the grid with a 'Mega 250 starts apiece! Which will occur once the lights G-O Green at the season finale on Yas Island circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Since Felipe Massa will retire after making his 250th start, with Kimi Raikkonen and his Oomphlats sitting on 252-starts.

And once again, I totally missed thee memo over Fredrico Suave, a.k.a. Fred Alonso surpassing the once untouchable record of 257-starts then held by Riccardo Patrese. As the Spaniard now sits fourth All-time, and should Cap his Mondo 274th start under the night stars of Abu Dhabi on Yas Isle this November.

Lastly, dear 'Ol JENSE' as noted, will have joined the once unthinkable 300 Grands Prix start club and should effectively end his sixteen year Formula 1 career one lone digit behind 'DER TERMINATOR, nee Michael Schumacher for overall starts, with 305 vs. Schuey's 306. Whilst Rubino's (Rubens Barrichello) staggering total of 322-starts appears safe for the time being...

On the flip-side, Romain Grosjean will become  the latest One Ton Cub', when making his 100th Grand Prix start at Suzuka Circuito. At the forthcoming Japanese GP, following Force India's One Ton Club tandem of Nico Hulkenberg who should wrap-up the season with 115-starts and Sergio Perez on 114-starts respectively.

Bloody Hell! Keep your Chin's Up Boyz', Stiff Upper lip and all, as you're one-third of the way to Rubino's number; CRIKEYS!

Meanwhile, the sport's youngest ever winner, the 18yr old Dutch lightning rod Max Verstappen was having some fun of his own at Singapore, where his engineer told him he'd just crossed paths with Godzilla! Although NO word on whether or not the lizard made Max's job of overtaking him easy or not?

Whilst Max's Bosom Buddy thou Iceman', nee Kimi Raikkonen, who should start his 252nd Grand Prix at Yabba Dabba Do, nee Abu Dhabi, will tie current sixth place F1 career starts holder "Trulli Scrumptious" *Jarno Trulli) and then vault past fifth place's Riccardo Patrese's 257-starts early next season...

The numbers used in this story are from my own No Fenders internal records, and are in NO way official! And should be only used for reference sake...

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