Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Halo debate..

I am not an engineer, nor an astute scientist, physicist, etc. Nor am I proclaiming that motorsports shouldn't protect Open Wheel Racing drivers to the fullest.

Although that said, there's one thingy' that's been bothering me mightily about this Halo debate for some time now, and seems prevalent with the two year anniversary of Jules Bianchi's horrific accident at Circuito Suzuka just round the corner.

I must admit, like many, I was partially drawn to Open Wheel Racing over the allure of its inherent dangers, nee the abilities of said Pilotes' mastery of driving these chariots somewhat exposed. Since although safety had improved markedly since the beginning of Formula 1's modern era in the 1950's, nevertheless the cockpits of said racecars were still very open during the late 1980's early 1990's.

Yet what truly bothers me about the current rage over driver protection, nee Halo device is the martyrum 'O Jules bianchi, as seriously? How can anybody rightly claim that said Halo device would have saved his life from his Horrific shunt! Not to mention what must Adrian Sutil feel as being an unsuspecting witness to said tragedy!

As Bianchi's death was due to several factors, which quietly the FIA has amended, i.e.; racing at Twilight during a Typhoon weekend on wet asphalt, albeit NO mention of mobile cranes being deployed to remove stricken race cars - whilst I'll leave the debate over transportation methods untouched.

As I personally believe that NO measure of head protection, with the exception of being in a closed coupe "Tintop" Sports car may have helped him possibly survive?

So can we please QUIT using Jules as a pawn in the argument over Driver Safety! As yeah, Halo or whatever most likely would have saved, or greatly improved Justin Wilson and Harry Surtees chances of survival, but not so much for either Dan Wheldon or Bianchi...

Since once again, would Halo, Air Screen or whatever been able to bore the brunt of Wheldon's striking of catch fencing and deflect the enormous G-loading?

And let's not forget that unfortunately Allan Simonsen died at Circuit de la Sarthe in a closed top Aston Martin Vantage Sports Car early during the 2013 24 Heurs du Mans...