Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Fenders X: A Decade Of Insomnia, The Late Nite edition

No Fenders Head Scribe Tomaso hard at work on Speedway, Indiana's Main Street the day after this year's Indy 500. (The Tomaso Collection)
Otay, are Y'all still awake? And more importantly, still readin' my eclectic ramblings, eh? Since in typical Tomaso fashion here in Nofendersville. A simple story has once again been elongated into two part harmony...

In honour of that past Late Night Showman extraordinaire, and co-owner of the Steak 'N Shake No. 15 IndyCar, with FREE Milkshakes to All of Yuhs still reading this; Hya! I decided to post this second portion of Thy Birthday Salutations accordingly.

As it's still September 11th here on the West Coast CARPETZ', right? Since we're on Pacific Time, thus it's still No Fenders Birthday, for which I should have managed to escape the day's onslaught of national Jingoism and Supporting Duh Troops! since after all, today's the day that Ferryboat music Died.

"Bye bye America Pie..."

Although the next Ferryboat Y'all can catch from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, sans any live performers departs shortly at 12:15am I'm told...

NO! I'm NOT taking a page outta Mike Malloy's playbook, reportedly a "controversial" Disc Jockey I once listened to nightly, before the CBS Executives in their infinite wisdom decided Seattle needed another FUCKING Sports Talk Radio Station; URGH! And POOF! AM1090 went Thou way of the Dodo Bird, or was I-T the Front Engine Roadster for Mwah; but I digress...

As Malloy used to throw out the Time-to-Quit card occasionally... Which I'm NOT planning on doing, but; if Y'all haven't noticed, lately my heart's really not been in Der Vurld de Motorsporten, Ja-Ja! Although I did get overly Jazzed  during the Pocono IndyCar race and began chanting loudly at Thy Telescreen: C'mon Mikhail!

thus, this rapid turnoff has come largely from the mundane boredom of Lewis Hamilton winning every FREAKIN' Formula 1 race, along with Team Penske kicking everybody's ARSE in Indy Cars.

But mostly is due to the passing of my Numero Uno FURR-Rocious lap Hoond Mad Molly! Who's pulling of her chute I scribbled labouriously about in;

Whilst probably my largest No Fenders Fan, and definitely 'Offfical Cheerleader, Thy late Awntie Harriet's presence is also missed.

But Hey Debby Downer, this is supposed to be a Birthday, which means lighten up 'N celebrate... Or as the late  Dom 'O IndyCar Blogs, nee Pressdog' would say;


No Fenders Doggytrain' at Heceta Head Beach near Florence, Oregon. Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen with Doggies' on leash and is pulling Tomaso via his white cane. Mad Molly is leading the pack on the right. Then thou Pixolator, (Pixie) Mary Ellen and No Fenders Head Scribe Tomaso as the Caboose. (The Tomaso Collection)
In NO particular order, as I'd like to give a shout Out to Ray-Ray; Hya! Without the help of the following, NONE of this would be possible!

As this 'lil blogging endeavour was the brainchild of Blogmeister Miguel, who not only created the Blogsite, but keeps it running & lookin' Sharp!

And speaking 'O looking sharp, that's exactly what the BITCHIN' No Fenders logo looks like, right Randall? As the AWESOME artwork was created by Artiste Dave, having even been utilized for a few limited edition T-shirt runs along with adorning the Homepage.

Next, there's Dave, Dave's NOT Here; Hya! A.K.A. CARPETZ', my most gracious Indianapolis Host, 'Offical No Fenders Photographer and Mother Speedway personal Sherpa!

And then there's the various Bureau Chiefs, with Indianapolis's Daniel Baines Cooper, Arizona's Snowbyrd MJ and Tacoma's Mary Ellen. Along with Communications expert Randall, Thy Moniker King, where such clever words as Confuzer and 'lil Stevie Johnson, aka Stefan Johansson come from; Hya!

whilst I'd better not forget a few others, like my good friends, Quattro Florentines' in the Other Florence including What's Her Name? Hya! The Hosers from Up North Eh! Tricia Lee And All of the O'Brien's, to name just a few...

Also, there's my wonderful Austin Duo of "bonnie & Clyde;" Err Claudio and Nelie. As Claudio's my personal travel Sherpa, especially when visiting Geo. Phillips favourite named track COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas. Whilst Nelie's always the "Bestest" Hostess.

And last but absolutely NOT least! Is Thy esteemed travelin' companion, nee Travel Coordinator, Chauffer, Cook & Bottle Washer; Hya! Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen who continuously helps me escape to the great Outdoors, along with her wonderful lap Hoonds!

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a Shout-out to Don Kay, and his 'lil Autosport Radio Show. As Don's always been super kind to Mwah, gotten me IndyCar driver autographs and even invited me once to be a guest upon his live radio show programme following one of my multiple Indy 500 outings.

Hence, it's easy to see why Autosport Radio's become my preferred Tuesday Night IndyCar programme for a long, long time now! Having attended my first show at McGilveries in Beautiful Speedway, IN 'Wayback in Twenty-oh-Seven when Darren "Dangermouse" Manning was one of Don's guests. As sorry Curty Cavin & Kevin Lee, but Don's "the Man!"

Purveyors 'O No Fenders...
Uhm, Oh Yeah, to A-L-L 3 of my loyal readers; Hooah! I'd like to thank the Fans; NO! Really I'd like to thank each and every one of you for reading my scribblings over the past ten years. Especially my twelve Followers.

Since 12's a GURR-REAT NUMBER! Especially here in the Pacific Northwest, where we celebrate the 12S' each 'N every Sunday, by raising the Twelfth Man Flag at 'Der Clink, nee Century Link Field, home of those Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks!

As hopefully, shortly we'll be celebratin' the No. 12 and Will Power as this year's IndyCar champion, may be? Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? Oh Never Mind!

Speedway Circle photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS'
Heceta Head Beach photo courtesy of Clarity pictures