Friday, August 26, 2016

Another Shot for the "Russian Rocket!"

Mikhail Aleshin autographed "Hero Card" from Sonoma IndyCar race, 2014. (The Tomaso Collection)
I LIKE I-T! As T' Bell (Townsend) cleverly called Mikhail Aleshin the "Russian Rocket," claiming he was going Full Afterburner during his amazing performance at Pocono...

Although I'm definitely NO Soothsayer, Procostinator or Sage Talent Spotter. Nonetheless I do get enjoyment outta others suddenly taking notice of an Open Wheel Racing Driver I've previously tabbed for "GREATNESS;" Hya!

Especially since the OLD-est IndyCar Blogger, nee Geo. Phillips just wryly pointed out how that opinion plus $4.50 at Starbucks will get Yuhs a cup 'O coffee; Chuh-ching!

As I'd previously tabbed the Rooskie' to win a race this year. As Mikhail's quickly catapulted into becoming my second favourite IndyCar driver after Conor Daly, while I'm still casting about for my P3 choice.

Whilst Aleshin's NOT MAD! Nor was Billy Vukovich's father, according to 'Ol 'R, aka Robin Miller. Who's Quip bout giving Mikhail a book on Indy after introducing him to Vukie' II at the Speedway, and reading it said: "I like this Vukovich guy, cause he was leading a lot!"

Yet the part about Monday's running of the Rain Delayed Pocono 500 that got briefly touched upon, but is never truly discussed, is the Science & Engineering aspect portion of racing.

As I found it utterly fascinating hearing Sam Schmidt calmly explain how they were tinkering with Aleshin's set-up, by changing the Downforce settings Mid-race. Presumably trying to predict if they'd be able to run in Dirty Air at the end of the race - whilst Aleshin's assessing the changes at over 220mph!

Fascinating how the rear "Jackman," i.e.; Air-hose attendant can also change the rear wing's angle of attack during a Pit-stop simply with a cordless drill socket-gun, or whatever they use? For which as typical, it was the Awesome "Professer B," aka Jon Beekhuis making us conscious of these minute changes during Pit-stops.

Although I sorta understand why NBCSN shuffled the Deck on a Monday morning, when nobody's paying Attenzione; But why couldn't Paul Tracy stay over a further day's time? And NO disrespect to Miller, but Jon Beekhuis should have been moved Topside...

Thus, from my Wanderin' Eyes; Err Ears, since I really cannot see anythingy' onscreen, especially when they split I-T; CRAP! I can only ARSE-Sume that Aleshin's car was trimmed out with minimum Downforce, enabling him to go fast as long as he stayed out front, which I'm guessing he led most laps with 87?

thus, it'll be really interesting to see how the Russian Rocket does Saturday Nite during Texas's ABOMINATION of a race. As seriously? The Pre-amble and Post-race Airtime of One hour equals the allotted TV race-time, so what a Rip Off for the Fans, Y'all know the ones that get thee Obligatory thanking during every driver's PR Speak.

Meanwhile, I suppose it'd be easy to say I'm jumping on the DJ WillyP' Bandwagon, but I've been rootin' for him silently to win the championship for several races now. As I firmly believe that a driver must lose a championship in order to win one.

As it's HILLARIOUS that my former No. 2 & No. 3 Favourite Drivers are competing for the championship. As I thought it'd be too hard to root for two drivers on the same team, i.e.; Will Power & Simon Pagenaud respectively; but never imagined this scenario. As perhaps a second championship title won by Messer Power would silence the critics for once and all about cracking under pressure, eh?

Meanwhile, it seems obvious to Mwah, that not enough Attenzione is paid to the importance of not only having a really good Pit crew, but also needing a superb Engineer and excellent Strategist. As it becomes obvious how the deck's stacked against much of the field not having the financial resources of El Capitano', (Roger Penske) The Cheepster' (Chip Ganassi) and "Mikey A's (Andretti) Top Tier teams.

While we also definitely need more teams overall. As I'd really enjoy seeing Carlin and Juncos taking the next step and joining the B-I-G' DANCE. And even better yet, would be a third Bonified engine manufacturer like Ford/Cosworth or Fiat-Chrysler, say with their Alfa Romeo brand.

While Aleshin's "Comeback" in his second full season of Indy Cars is even more remarkable after surviving that wicked Fontana crash, along with his funding being blocked by Americre' last year, 'cause we DON'T like that nasty Putin...