Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time Marches On...

Summertime means being Outdoors here in Thy GURR-REAT Pacific Northwest...

NO idea if I'd be watching; Err listening to my first ever episode of Celebrity Family Feud this past Sunday night? Especially since it's on a television channel I almost never watch.

Which I missed, since I unexpectedly found myself at thee mountain, nee Tahoma, aka Mt Rainier once again instead, thanxs to Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen's penchant for thou outdoors, with thou Pixolator constantly navigating upon Thy lap...

As I'll date myself, as I too a la Mr. Jeffery Iannucci, wherever Art Thoust? Of One Lap Down fame, that I too haven't watched Family Feud since the Original 'N Bestest show Host Richard Dawson was at the helm. Having become first aware of Mr. Dawson as one of Hogan's Heroes, (in Syndication) before his repose as a vindictive Game Show Host in Running Man.

Alas, thru the magic 'O television, those five Fantastic IndyCar Drivers weren't rushing via private chartered jet from Mid-Ohio's splendid Sports Car course to LaLa Land, but instead had taped the episode pitting them Versus, get I-T? As Y'all remember that defunct Cable TV Network right? Uhm, vs. five Swimsuit models back in March right after the season opening St Pete race; Tuh Duh!

As I enjoyed listening to Conor Daly on Don Kay's 'lil autosport Radio Show July 19th describing how he and thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown had tried wowing the models, but to put things into perspective mused to don; One's dating some cat named Leonardo di Caprio, who's apparently got more boats, houses and Aeroplanes than we do...

Alas, I must admit that I'm getting quite used to this being outdoors idea, thanks in large part to Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen being so willing to cart me round to various locales, most notably Mount Rainier one week after Mad Molly's death. And then an outdoor concert held at Volunteer Park, just a stone's throw from where the great Chief Sealth's buried.

Thus as always, I'm running woefully behind on my Story-telling here in Nofendersville, as haven't had time to scribble; Err type 'bout many riveting subjects on Thou docket.

Such as thee likes of FoMoCo's cashing in on its Ford GT's success at le Circuit de la Sarthe with its tribute street version. Or Dodge; Err Fiat Chrysler NV pulling the plug permanently upon their iconic Viper.

Along with a fermentin' 24 Heurs du Mans Postscript, a look back at The Bentley Boys and those vintage racing Locomobiles. Not to get Cornfuzed with the forthcoming Red Bull Air Races at Mother Speedway October 1st, or comedian turned reality Mouthpiece of his own Jay Leno's Garage TV show, which when hearing the word Locomobiles makes me think of Jay and his Stanley Steamers.

And that's before even getting to my ever languishing Indianapolis trip highlights, most notably another par excellante outing at the newly minted Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum; Aye Karumba!

Otay, back to the typing, may be? As better pass me the sun tan lotion & don't burn my Ballpark Frankenfurter on the campfire, 'cause Y'all know they plump when Yuhs cook em'; Hya!