Monday, August 29, 2016

NBC Sports Network continues throwing Formula 1 underneath the Bus...

Wait! Did Yuhs hear that? How could I possibly be surprised by NBCSN's continuous shoddy treatment of F1? I mean we've only been waiting one month for Formula 1 to resume...

Obviously the Powers to Be are Quakin' in their Boots, regarding giving The Fans, remember them? Ridiculous Dumb Downed "Skinny" Sliced 'N Dice re-airings of the Pinnacle 'O Motorsports races.

Uhm? Did Y'all get to see or hear the German national anthem being played for Nico Rosberg at Spa Francorchamps? Or the Top-3 finishers spraying the perfunctory champagne on thou podium? Or the Post-race winners interviews on the Podium? Yuhs know, when the Fans get to see & hear the Top-3 finishers immediately following the race.

What's that? Y'all Didn't get to see any of that? Hmm? Guess Yuhs musta waited for the 5PM (Pacific ) "Encore" presentation like I did, since there was simply NO way I was gonna Sleepwalk thru the event at Four FRIGGIN' AM; SHEISA!

As way to go "Peacock-lite!" As Y'all may be our Home of Motor Racing, but I'm really, really startin' to wonder why I keep paying the money grubbin' JACKALOPES at comca$t for EXORBITANTLY Overpriced Cable TV, when those of us Fans who want to watch Formula 1 Stateside get SHAFTED constantly!

What The Fuck! comca$t can magically manage  to jack up our monthly cable TV fee by $5 per month just-in-time for those riveting Olympics;, but! CANNOT bother re-airing an F1 race in its entirety!

This time instead of showing us the Post-race winners celebrations at all, we simply went to commercial break and then had to scoot off for a mundane "Canned" Saturday Nite 1hr broadcast of RASSCAR's Wheeland Modified Tricycles from a place in Winston, Salem I've never heard of before: Bowman Gray Stadium; WTF?

Like seriously comca$t? Err NBCSN, you cannot find room for an extra half hour's airtime of Formula 1? As sorry, but we CAN'T bother showin' Yuhs the Post-race ceremonies, even if we've conveniently chopped several race laps off the program!

But wait, we're not done yet! If Y'all buy your GinZu knifes now, we'll not only cut out another six-laps of the race for commercial's sakes! But we'll start crammin' down your throats promo's to get pumped up over the USGP at COTA. As tickets are still available...

What's that 'bout building support in Americre' for Formula 1? Oh Never Mind! It's Football season now, so who gives a Shit...

then again; Hmm? May be NBCSN's just tryin' to wean us Off F1 in case somebody else takes over?

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