Monday, July 25, 2016

NBCSN pulls Rope-a-Dope upon Hungarian GP weekend Broadcasting

Otay, know I'm in the minority on this but! Since I currently have NO recordin' devices available for television programmes, I'm forced to either get up at A-L-L sorta WONKY times or watch the event "live."

Thus, I deliberately went into total media Blackout phase, even going so far as to turn on the Seattle Mariners game; GASP! In order to make sure the Blatherheadz' foaming 24/7 at Mother Speedway for some Brickyard 3999 race - wouldn't slip in who'd won the Pole for the Hungarian Grand Prix!

Instead choosing to wait somewhat patiently for the 7PM Pacific rebroadcast of Qualie preceded by Saturday Nite Boxing... For which surely Y'all can imagine my DISGUST when 7PM came 'N went with the FREAKIN' Boxing match still on Thy Telie; SHIT!

As I mused about how 'Dem is the strangest lookin' F1 cars I've ever seen in my life; Hya! As the announcer prattled on 'bout the boxer in the red shorts, appropriately whilst I was seein' R-E-D!

As this NO NAME Boxing match from Texas, perhaps San Antone? Went to 19mins past 7PM on my talking clock before we were whisked off to the most disjointed replay of F1 Qualie I can recall! Since we just inexplicably came in with 13mins remaining in the 18-minute Q1 Qualie session; FUCK!

And whilst I'm happy I didn't have to sit thru the 72min Quadruple Red Flag Rain delayed Qualie session, nonetheless, I'm still peeved about the shoddiness of the coverage! Especially since Peacock-lite hacked I-T up to run from 7:20-8:50PM Pacific, although I tuned out at 8:46PM as they went to another of the B-B-Baa Zillionth commercials; BARF!

Then I got up at Oh DARK-30 in order to listen to the Booth Boyz' Preamble at 4-FREAKIN' AM! For which I thought the race was supposed to begin at 4:30AM Pacific? For which I think they went Deep; Err long? Since it just went on 'N on.

Although I also noticed they did their usual Chain sawing of the "Canned" replay of Qualie that only ran for 1hr prior to F1 countdown by NOT even showing the Post-qualifying Top-3 interviews! Which apparently was a pre-cursor of the upcoming race programme. Like what's 'Ol Golden Child say 'bout Floating like a Butterfly and Stinging...

Since Leigh Diffey alerted us first round twenty-to-seven AM that the Post-race show F1 Extra would only be available upon the NBC Sports App to make way for some bicycling race! Which is absolute BULLSHIT! Which 'Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton_ would probably denote I'm being a Potty Mouth a la 'lil Sid Viddle's becoming, especially regarding the RIDICULOUS Radio Silence rules...

Which to Mwah, sure sounded like Lewis Hamilton was getting coached via in-car radio by the Mercedes engineers during the race! For which only 'JENSE got penalized for.

As the "live" TV broadcast format appeared to being sliced N diced for the re-airing Monday morning, which is listed as only being a two hour programme vs. the three hours time allotment Sunday morning. That is, if they actually bother to re-air at the listed time...

Uhm, where's 'Ol George Foreman when Yuhs need him? Like George, how do I get my TV Show to air in its entirety? Huh? What's this about getting my invention patented...

Somebody give me a Cheeseburger! Err some ground beef to sizzle up in one of George's grillers; Oh Never Mind!