Monday, July 11, 2016

Hamilton v Rosberg: Scratching their Silver Arrows Shiny Paintwork again!

Hmm? I thought I saw a Dutchboy in Lederhosen, Ja-Ja As surely Uncle Bernaughty's smilin' A-L-L the way to the Bank! Since everyone's wound-up over the latest Silver Arrows Dust-up. And Y'all know what Uncle Bernaughty says: Any publicity is GOOD Publicity!


But Inquiring Minds wana Know if there were any more Fireworks at Bloody 'Ol Silverstone Robin!

Ah, the Joys of being a Blind 'Vurd Botcher! As I-T seemed overly telegraphed A-L-L the way from Spielberg via Thy Telescreen', with NO word on whether or not that was 'Ol Julie Andrews singing from Thy Hills, look out Nico, Lewis is on your tail! Err, Blind spot Me Thinks?

Uhm, instead I-T was Leigh Diffey verbally telegraphing Thy Obvious with three laps remaining. That Nico Rosberg wasn't gonna leave the door ajar for his Bosom buddy, thou young Louise JAGUAR' Hamilton, especially going into the final lap of the Austrian Grand Prix, in what apparently was the last Bonafied, or should I-T be Banzai? Corner to pass for the lead; Hmm? I thought I saw a Putty-tat!

As what's 'Ol Taku-san's (Takuma Sato) motto? Oh yeah, that's right, it's "No Attack, No Chance!"

Amidst the requisite SCREAMING by the booth Boyz'; OH NO! I started cheerfully clapping loudly from the comfort of my Armchair, Guffawing in laughter, thinking Thy Great Nico had taken Hamilton, and himself out of the race! Which naturally I was disappointed moments later hearing Diffey announce Hamilton as the winner; CRAP!

And I felt myself like a "Rubber Necker" watchin' a Train Wreck, regarding the ensuing Post-race half hours F1 Extra's dribble regarding who's fault the latest incident between Thy A-L-L Conquering Mercedes Duo was?

Whilst I must confess I took certain enjoyment from Hamilton being loudly BOOED upon the Podium, in what seemed the most disjointed Post-race interview since Benedict Cumberbatch's Quixotic (2014) Malaysian podium interview...

Obviously Y'all know the "golden Rule" 'bout NOT taking your team-mate out in a race! Yet, I'd ARSE-Sume that Nico surely knows Rule 2; if you're gonna take your team-mate out, then make sure you Bloody Well accomplish this, a la Thy Crash Masters "ARROGANT" and 'DER TERMINATOR! Nee Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher respectively...

Although I'm growing quite tired of the continuous referring of Hamilton v Rosberg emulating Senna v Prost, nonetheless I'll explore this a 'Wee bit, since presumably Hamilton is Senna and Rosberg Prost in this equation.

Egads! Even though I'm doing exactly what Formula 1 wants me to , i.e.; talking about this latest Mercedes Fracas! Nevertheless, what's driving me crazy is once again how whom I've taken to calling "Golden Child," aka HAM-HAM! Nee Lewis Hamilton, is his continuously never being at fault in these collisions, as I simply find Lewis to be another Bully, a la 'lil Sid Vittle (Vettel) is! As I've just got two words for this: Austin, 2015!

Now I'm not debating or discounting Lewis's natural driving abilities, as he's definitely one tough act to follow, as Rosberg must be finding it more 'N more difficult to swallow his perceived inability to dethrone Hamilton, especially since the window of opportunity must be fading, right?

But I'm definitely not defending Nico's latest transgression either, nor do I buy his steadfast incredulousness over I'm the leader and therefore it's MY corner and I never did anything wrong, BY GUMMIT! For which I enjoyed 'Ol Hobbo's (David Hobbs) recounting of the late James Hunt telling Mario Andretti we DON'T pass on the outside in F1! To which Mario sublimely said; Huh?

Since in fact, I find Nico to be quite churlish and petulant when things are going Pear Shape for him, especially when coming out once again with the short straw vs. Hamilton, who at the very least seems to have the psychological advantage between the pair?

In regards to Senna v Prost, there will NEVER be another pairing like that! As those were the two most ruthless drivers I've ever seen going hammer 'N tongs against each other, highlighted by back-to-back incidents at Suzuka!

Instead, I find The Lewis & Nico Show very akin to Sebastian Vettel vs. Mark Webber's severely bitter relationship at Red Bull. For which one can only ponder, and I'm definitely NOT in favour of, aka Team Orders being imposed. Like can Y'all see Hamilton obeying to stay tail abreast of Rosberg? Nah, didn't think so.


And perhaps I'm the only one thinking this, but I applaud Nico's decision at Spielberg, as I think he was sending Hamilton a message, since in the blink of an eye he had to decide whether or not to roll over once again, making me think of 'JENSE's fabulous Quip 'bout patting his head and rubbing his belly at the same time whilst driving! Forcing Nico to once again witness, and perhaps endure? His favourite team-mate toss him the obligatory Pirelli cap in Parc Ferme after another defeat!

Of course, if Nico had taken the pragmatic approach of Thy "Professor," aka Alain Prost, he'd most likely taken the certainty of second place and its 18-points, ensuring his championship lead had only been trimmed by seven markers, which leads me  to believe Nico's last minute decision backfired upon him. Making me Flashback to Herr Skewmacher' playing Pinball Wizard with Damon Hill in Bloody Australia in '94 is the Only Way to Fly!

As Nico's botched maneuver cost him an extra six points, which certainly he'll rue if he loses the championship by this margin...

Then again, Rosberg's tried something similar at the Mighty Spa (Francorchamps) awhile ago, which supposedly only ratcheted up Hamilton's resolve to become world champion in 2014.

Thus, it'll be interesting to see how the two rivals finish the year off after their latest coming together, which I'm NO Rocket Scientist, but I'd presume it won't be the final act in their skirmishes of ultimately coming together - and potentially crashing each other out once again, which seems the only way things can proceed, much to Toto Wolff's dismay.

Although as a longtime Aficionado of Formula 1, I've NEVER enjoyed Team Orders, which totally seem contradictory to the virtue of the sport!  And therefore I certainly hope that Toto Wolff and Mercedes won't decide to administer this Farcical form of controlling the outcome of F1 races, since I fear that the deck will once again be stacked against Rosberg. And more importantly will make the season very anti-climatic and dare I say I-T! A 'Wee bit too Teutonic for Mwah!


As it's gotta be somewhat ironic that possibly the best two races of the season prior to Silverstone, (when I scribbled this...) which may be another Yawner with shades of the NBCSN Booth Boyz' reposing their stupendously Prattlin' on 'N on about how exciting Baku was...

Yet, what does it say about the sport in general if the two best races involve the two Silver Arrows colliding with each other! And how diminished will the action be if they can no longer race the entire race? Even if they're now on Double Secret Probation.

As we know how the Senna v Prost movie played out. As one driver had to leave McLaren, and then retire over ever  racing side-by-side in identical equipment again, before one left the Formula 1 landscape permanently after that fateful weekend at San Marino...