Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jeff Krosnoff Retrospective - Twenty Years later...

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Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the unfortunate death of rising IndyCar Star Jeff Krosnoff, along with volunteer Corner Worker Gary Arvin...

Author's Note
I originally penned the following story five years ago, when there was still a SPEED television channel and subsequent  website, for which Y'all know  was unceremoniously DUMPED in favour of another FRIGGIN' "Stick 'N Ball" TV Channel. Thanks' FOX, like we don't have enough of them littering thou television's landscape already; BARF!

Thus, although Marshall Pruett, who's since migrated to Racer Magazine, had made us wait an inexorably L-O-N-G year's wait to read the second three part installment. Whilst ultimately due to SPEED's demise, A-L-L six-parts of his excellent article remembering Jeff Krosnoff on his 15th Anniversary were naturally rendered obsolete and NO longer accessible! Although  some years ago for reasons unknown I found the story re-posted on Max Papis website.

Hence, with today marking the tragedies that occurred twenty years ago at Exhibition Place, Toronto, I'll attempt once again honouring the memory of Messer Krosnoff with a condensed, updated rendition of what I originally posted the past 4-5 years ago.


Really enjoyed reading Marshall Pruett’s excel ante six part Jeff Krosnoff Stay Hungry retrospective broken into two three part trilogies, for which Marshall, or was it SPEED? Definitely kept us Hungry by making us wait a year between start to finish!

In my Part 1 retrospective five years ago, it seemingly covered the most poignant aspects of the story to Mwah, which I've left as a standalone story, where Massimiliano "MAD MAX" Papis and Team Owner Cal Wells and Bobby Rahal share their thoughts upon the intersection of Papis assuming the mantle of Krosnoff's vacant IndyCar seat.

Parts 2-3
Marshall Pruett subsequently covers the “missing” Japanese years of Jeff Krosnoff's career in Part-2. Which I can personally attest to the original ‘TK’s Quip ‘bout thee Pre-internetz era... That’s TK as in a one Tommy Kendall, Krosnoff’s friend who muses ‘bout when the only news you could get of far-away Foreign  “feeder” series was thru a magazine called On Track, which your humble No Fenders scribe subscribed to this mainly black & white grainy newspaper "Rag" for years – and remembers fondly awaiting each new issues release every Fortnight!

Thus Pruett expounds partially upon Krosnoff’s sacrifices in far-away Japan along with some very positive recollections from other cast-away competitors with names like “IRV-THE-SWERVE” and “Mr. Le Mans,” aka Eddie Irvine and Tom Kristensen respectively, not to mention another driver who’d lose his life racing named “Roland-the-Rat.” (Ratzenberger)

Next, Marshall continued his Excel ante look-back at the fallen American Open Wheel Racing driver Jeff Krosnoff – as part-three focused upon the ‘SoCal’s Shootout with ‘el Zorro, aka Alex Zanardi, as the two drivers fought for ‘Cheep’s second TCGR seat which ultimately went to Zanardi, yet Cal Wells CART team was waiting in the wings...

As Bloody Hell! I'm fairly certain I made some sorta very stupid comments about the tail end Charlie Japanese powered racecar amongst the likes of the perpetual Back-markers of Dick Simon Racing and Dale Coyne racing during our annual Boyz Outing to Portland that summer, albeit it was actually Scandia-Simon Racing.

Ironically, the man who beat Jeff out of the drive at Target Chip Ganassi Racing the prior year would  be notching his debutant CART/IndyCar victory that June's Father's Day weekend while Krosnoff finished an unnoticed P17, 3-laps behind Alex Zanardi, albeit improving six spots from his 23rd starting position.

With Jeff finishing ahead of eleven competitors total, including the likes of Emerson Fittipaldi's Hogan-Penske Racing, Paul Tracy of Team Penske and Forsythe Racing's Greg Moore, all of whom Did Not Finish (DNF) due to varying mechanical maladies...

If Y'all wanna jump ahead of Part-2of this riveting story, especially since I've got ZERO idea if Marshal Pruett will repose this hefty 18-page tome over at Racer Magazine this year? Then I highly recommend reading the story in its entirety! As it gives an excellent look at this forgotten driver...