Thursday, July 21, 2016

F1: Did Mercedes show Rosberg who's Boss?

Buckle Up Y'all, time to put your Tin Foil Hats on here...

During this year's British Grand Prix, a strange thought struck me immediately upon Mercedes and Nico Rosberg's obvious breaking of the current Draconian F1 Radio Silence rules ridiculously put in place by the FIA, albeit I agree with the idea that Drivers MUST Drive their cars on their own merits.

So why did the following thought strike me? That Mercedes had simply thrown Rosberg underneath the virtual "bus" by usurping these radio rules in order to show him exactly Who's The BOSS! In a nice little Payback for the Austrian GP Debacle. Since surely the Team knew they were breaking said rule.

And secondly, the team appears to have been doing what every Formula 1 team does, i.e.; pushing the rules, ultimately in a veiled attempt to find out exactly where the boundary lay...

As reportedly Mercedes has appealed the Stewards ruling of Nico's 10-second time penalty, which I personally find to have been too light of a slap on thou wrist, bizarrely growling at Lucy', Thy ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader when hearing the news that Rosberg should have been Disqualified!

Which is pretty wild banter for Mwah, especially since I personally wish for him to be world champion this season instead of whom I'm simply calling "golden Child!" (Lewis Hamilton)

As I'll let Y'all Make thou Proverbial Call in whether or not there's anythingy' clever going on here?