Friday, August 26, 2016

100R: Final Seven Speedway Men who raced in both Front and Rear Engine chassis

While IndyCar continues trying to Cash-in upon it's perceived growing popularity at Thy Speedway, another's legacy continues shriveling away...

Although this is another languishing story, I-T floated up to Thy Surface upon reading Robin Miller's rant regarding his Mount Rushmore of IndyCar Drivers, recently which I won't give thee answer away, albeit there A-L-L legendous' as 'Ol Kenny Sergeant of Speed Freaks would decry! Not to mention that three-fourths' of these are also included below.

This past January, Bob Harkey at age 85 passed away, as Harkey was then one of the eight remaining men to have raced in the Indianapolis 500 in both a front and rear engine racing car.

As perhaps you've heard of most of these remaining seven retired IndyCar chauffeurs holding this distinction, with the likes of A.J. Foyt, Jim McElreath, Gordon Johncock, Parnelli Jones, Johnny Rutherford, Bobby Unser and Chuck Hulse.

As it's a pretty distinguished class comprising of the race's first ever four-times winner, two three-times winners, one two-time winner and a single 500 winner.  As these five legendous' drivers have won a staggering total of thirteen Borg Warner trophies collectively!

And I've enjoyed listening to Mr. Harkey upon Don Kay's 'lil Autosport Radio Show previously, with the most colourful "Hoosier" regaling us with multiple stories 'O his life's lore.

As I'm pretty sure that none of those remaining  seven drivers can boast of ever being a Stunt Pilot or Wing Walker! Although Johnny Rutherford has flown his own P-51 Mustang's for years past. Whilst the only name above I've never heard of before is this one Mr. Chuck Hulse, who's a past USAC Midget Racer and Indy 500 contestant from Anaheim, CA.