Monday, August 15, 2016

F1: Pirelli unveils new 2017 Tyres

Following this year's German Grand Prix, Pirelli debuted its new 2017 rubber, as next year's tyres will be wider, with NO "Wider is Better" wisecracks here! As Y'all recall Dem' Pontiac Grand Prix adverts, right? Hya!

Ironically, Ferrari's 'lil Sid Viddle, nee Sebastian Vettel (whose surely thinking 'bout jumping ship to McLaren in 2018? Now that Ferrari's technical staff is in such disarray...) was the first Formula 1 driver to test the new wider rubber compound at the team's Fiorano test circuit on August 1st before handing off testing duties to Haas F1's Esteban Gutierrez a day later, as naturally Pirelli's concerned over the presumably higher cornering loads the new, wider tyres will have, while the F1 teams are eager to concentrate upon the major changes their respective chassis will require for the forthcoming season...