Thursday, September 29, 2016

Red Bull brings Wings to IMS this weekend

Ironically, after having listened to Don Kay's 'lil autosport Radio show, where he had Red Bull Air Racing Championship's Challenger class rookie Americano' Kevin Coleman as a guest, who's Aeroplane number is 48, which Don pointed out was the 'Ol Olsonite Eagle number, albeit think Jerry Grant ran it first...

SHUHZAMM! I ran across the following News blurb in my local Fish wrap later that evening, about a hidden bevy 'O classic Aeroplanes in the tiny enclave of Concrete, WA I'd never heard of before: FISH ON!

As Y'all can check out what sounds like some very exciting Air Racing on the grounds of Mother Speedway this weekend. Where Messer Coleman and his colleagues will skim thru the air 50-feet off the deck at 230mph! Slicing thru 75-foot high inflatable Airgates at the Brickyard...

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