Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Tomaso Files: Airlines Gouging Passengers, Bernie says Don't G-O while Trump will make Everything Better...

The Captain and Tennille, but Y'all need to decide Who's Who? And who's that Court Jester carrying Mr. E's briefcase in Thy background? (Image source:
SERIOUSLY! Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, Over! What in Thy HELL is WRONG with my country! Or better yet, Thy World...

Otay, now that A-L-L of the Open Wheel Racing Season Opening Fantastica is over; YAWN! Hey Louis, I should have just gotten up, watched the start, gone back to beddy-bye and then re-awake to watch Thy finish, right?


As it's still early days yet, but Nico Rosberg's been on a tear lately, having defeated thy Young Louise' 5-0 in race victories, beginning in Mexico City last year, not to mention this season's first two rounds! Which is GURR-REAT NEWS! But I'm totally aware there's still a ridiculous 19-rounds remaining...

But instead of harping upon Thy obvious, as in while we've had two semi-entertaining races apiece on both sides 'O Thou Pond, i.e.; F1 and IndyCar, albeit a Penske and Ganassi win, ergo Chevy - Plus Mercedes going back-to-back for a staggering 34-for-40 wins; Aye Karumba! Instead, I'd like to expound upon the sentiments screaming thru my cranium the past month...

As Speaking 'O Corporate Greed, Capitalism, running as many FREAKIN' Commercials Ad Nausea along with filling in Thy Bottom-line; Err Brian France and NASCAR. BOO-HOO-HOO! For poor 'Ol Brian France for STUPENDOUSLY choosing to endorse Donald Trump for President!

As what's that 'Ol saying 'bout it takes one to know one; Oh Never Mind!

Nevertheless, you can only imagine just how many shades 'O blue, purple, orange; RED! Err seeing Stars...

After having turned multiple Hues of thee Rainbow over the unfathomable discovery that my Aeroplane ticket to fly Coast-to-Coast had increase by a whopping $250 SMACKEROOS, or a stupendous 38% some 90+ days out
Thus, naturally, THE RACE had better live up to A-L-L of the ceaseless billing it'll receive; Uhm? Perhaps you've heard 'bout this 'lil Spectale imp May?

Since after  all, as Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen pointed out, it's only a number, as in thy 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. Albeit, it'll be pretty amazing if the race actually sells out for the very first time ever since "the Split!"

Yet putting this unreasonable price gouging into perspective. It's costing me $9 more just in price increase vs. my entire ticket price to fly to Arizona this January; SHIT!

Thus naturally Y'all can see why I'm a little consternated right now, eh? Although I'm becoming more 'N more impressed with Thy Mayor 'O Hinchtown's pragmatism, rebounding from a life threatening  crash! Not blaming the SAFER Barrier Wall; Uhm, thanxs 'RASSCAR for inventin' Dat; Hooah!   

To Hinch' speaking so fluidly in explaining technical terms whilst discussing the possibilities of Indy Cars intended Dome Skid safety upgrade's implications. then again who's got the mythical "Unfair Advantage," and who doesn't? As I enjoyed his Snortle when Miller tried pinning him down on that...

And while definitely not impressed one iota over the current Bellyaching going on  both near and  abroad, with 'Ol 'R, aka Robin Miller summing I-T up so succinctly. What happened to the days when if Y'all were getting your Butt handed to Yuhs in a Sling! You could actually throw the kitchen sink at building a better Mousetrap; but I digress!

As I'm seeing a pattern here, albeit not nearly as glaring as over Thar Across Thy Bloody Pond! Where I'm really starting to wonder 'bout thee Mad Hatter, nee Uncle Bernaughty, who seems to enjoy contradicting himself weekly,  or even better yet, sometimes on a daily basis; Hmm? Remind Yuhs of some Billionaire candidate running for President right now?

As it's funny how part of Mwah was originally drawn to Formula 1 due to its Machiavellian politics, yet something strange has occurred ever since having attended that abomination of a race called the USGP last November!

Adding fuel to the fire, whilst overly aware that Uncle Bernaughty's simply going for Sound-bite Rhapsody! But seriously Bernie, what type of message does I-T send to the loyal Fans who are filling your Bank Accounts to hear you say you wouldn't bother wasting your own money on attending a Grand Prix; WTF!

Then add to this, Republican Governor Gregory Abbott of Texas deciding to cutback funding of a key state corporate event, i.e.; Austin's Formula 1 race, still the only Grand Prix held in tis' good 'Ol US-of-A and I quickly find myself wishing to give both Mr. Abbott and Mr. Ecclestone a Will Power Double Byrd Salute!

Although I'm glad that Circuit  Of The Americas will once again host this year's United States Grand Prix...

Thus I've done what's truly unconscionable for Mwah! As I'll admit it's leaving me feeling quite flummoxed on some levels, especially being such a Gynormous F1 Fan for the past three decades...

And I totally know it will not make one single bit of difference, but; I've chosen to forgo attending this year's USGP at Austin on the basis that I'm really PISSED OFF at the two aforementioned  persons, Mr. Abbott, who needs to know his shortsightedness does have an effect upon his state's coffers. And Mr. Ecclestone who needs to know somehow it's time for him to QUIT Monkeying around with the sport us U.S. Fans - who've been treated so abysmally forever have loyally followed thru whatever machinations he's made us endure!

And Mr. Bobby Epstein, you're not immune from this either, since I seem to believe one of the COTA emails I've received earlier this year - before the race was confirmed? After being a loyal fan for four years, including being overly FLEECED for Grandstand seat tickets in 2012! Read something 'bout refunds for last year's Rain-fest, but where in the HELL are mine!

Do I think my not flying to Austin, Texas this year and spending money on Thy Grand Prix will have any effect? HELL NO!  But I'm tired of the Shenanigans', especially the part where both F1 and IndyCar Drivers do their Thank the Fans Public Service Announcement - whilst everybody's Bleeding them Dry in order to get their share of the Profit  Pie!

So Bernie, Jean Todt and whomever, Y'all just keep going right on FUCKING around with Formula 1, since you're just like the Politicians whom simply are focused upon what today will bring for them - and we'll be long gone before the after effects, or should that be Day After consequences effect them.

As don't Fret Yuhs Airlines. Your day 'O reckonings coming too! As DON'T even think 'bout shedding one itsy bitsy Crocodile tear when the next economic Downturn hits Yuhs squarely where's you dearly deserve I-T! As it'll be 'Uber satisfying giving you the middle finger too!