Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where Art Thouest Thirty Years Ago tis' Day?

Today marks the 30th anniversary of arguably one of the world's worst disasters, when the ill-fated Chernobyl Nuclear facility suffered catastrophic Meltdown!

As noted above, today in Pripyat, (Ukraine) a terrible catastrophe occurred, which the  then USSR, nee Mother Russia' for which Pripyat was then one of its subjects - turned a blind eye towards, by not only being slow to react, with evacuation orders not coming for 36hrs! But also allowing the annual May Day parade to occur five days later in Kiev - while only admitting some damage had happened at Chernobyl in a tersely worded statement - only after Sweden had threatened to tell the International Atomic Agency fallout had occurred!

As I can only imagine what these pictures depict, since what other types of birth defects have they caused besides cancer? Which strangely is one of the most lucrative pharmaceutical drug making businesses in the United States today...

And where did five years G-O? When I last wrote upon Thy 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl, when HVM Racing and Simona de Silvestro were in the midst of running their Glow in The Dark Entergy Clean Air car...

Although the All Electric, Meanest-Greenest Formula E racing series hadn't made its debut yet, which I have nothing against except the fact that it seems nothing's ever been divulged about where the power to charge Thy batteries comes from, let alone their manufacturing processes, waste disposal, etc. Which reminds me of another storied buried in Thy No Fenders repository when Claire mentioned the polluted manufacture & disposal of tyres!

Whilst everyone, including myself is caught up in the Mesopotamia 'O F1 Musical  Chairs Qualie, and thou redundancy 'O Thy Power Units NOT being L-O-U-D enough!

For which I'm totally happy with the lower number  of Decibels, although perhaps Formula 1's Baby Boomers are simply getting harder of hearing, EH?

And I'm very impressed by their technology, for which the Sport's cutting-edge technology was a large drawing point! As the thermal efficiency improvement to nearly 50% is phenomenal!

Yet nary a peeps' made over this , whilst I-T still seems like on so many levels F1's sending a mixed message. Like why in thee HELL isn't the field being paced by a 'Uber SWEET Hypercar, i.e.; Hybrid technology? Not to mention once again A-L-L the manufacturing processes, disposal and correlating environmental issues, i.e.; battery charging power derived from Nuclear, Coal, Natural Gas or Fossil Fuels?

While I haven't even touched upon Fukushima, which along with Chernobyl are the only two acknowledged Nuclear accidents rated at level-7, the highest rating possible! Or what's known here in Eastern Washington as Downwinders syndrome from someplace called  Hanford; Can Y'all say Manhattan Project and Plutonium!

Whilst I wasn't aware of the fact that Sweden, Ya Sure Yuh Betcha! Had been mightily affected by Chernobyl's radiation cloud due to wind currents, or that they'd pushed the Soviet Union to actually divulging something had occurred...

Alas, since this is supposed to be a motor racing BLOB' as Thy late 'Awntie Harriet christened I-T! Putting thingys' into perspective, as my Chernobyl post (above) of five years ago denotes, it was Business as Usual in Formula 1, as the late Ayrton Senna had just captured Pole aboard his  Lotus-Renault before Thy San Marino Grand Prix took  place the following day, Sunday April 27, 1986!

Not to mention the first ever Formula 1 race occurring behind the very same "Iron Curtain" later that summer in Budapest...

Meanwhile the CART/PPG IndyCar series had contested the first two rounds of the '86 season, beginning at Phoenix International Raceway on April 6th, which Kevin Cogan won - followed by a much younger Michael Andretti taking victory upon Thy streets  of Long Beach April 13th, a Fortnight before the disaster of Chernobyl.

As both winners were busy scoring their debutant IndyCar victories, as it  would be Cogan's, or is that THAT DAMN COOGAN? Hya! Lone B-I-G CARZ' win, while Mikey A' would score 41-more times, en route to third most IndyCar career victories, (42) a mere three ahead of some Dude named Scott Dixon, who's currently tied with BIG AL' (Unser Sr.) for fourth-most career wins. (With Mario Andretti second with 52 and A.J. Foyt Top Banana with 67 career wins overall...)

As Championship Auto Racing Teams next race wouldn't occur until May 31st at someplace in Indianapolis, where Bobby Rahal would ultimately drink Thy milk in victory lane after a late-race restart pass of then leader Cogan, and the rest as they say is history.

Hmm? Although obviously NOT related, isn't I-T ironic that Rahal's team owner Jim Trueman passed away from cancer just eleven days later, like countless Russian civilians have also succumbed due to radiation exposure from Chernobyl...