Saturday, April 2, 2016

NASCAR Awash in Patriotic Fever whilst Formula 1 roasting Chestnuts over Qualie' again!

My original Aye-deer' "Getter Done!" Was for the following Post's title for publishment on April 1st to read: NASCAR Awash in Patriotic Fever, urges Charter Members to endorse Trump's purchasing storied Racing Series...

Which to Mwah makes perfect cents, since 'RASSCAR's apparently feeling the pinch of Capitalistic Gains slipping thru its fingers; Err Bank Accounts, as Y'all may know, NASCAR instituted their version of Franchising for its much Ballyhooed  team owners as the sport has done the unthinkable by shrinking to only 40 entries after traditionally running 43 racers - locking-in the Top-36 and leaving only four spots open for wanna-be interlopers!

And in the sport that SPEWS OUT a sponsor's name every 90-seconds, it makes perfect sense that none less than current NASCAR CEO  Brian France would endorse Thy Trumpster for President, since after all shouldn't the person with the largest Checkbook be running the Oval Office brought to you by Office Depot, as let's GO to the Aflax' Presidential Quote of the Day presented by Ovaltene...

While even such luminary athletes as the once revered Latrell Sprewell have decided to jump on the Donald Trump Bandwagon! Joining the likes of Tom Brady, Mike Ditka, John Daly, Peter Pekar and Chris Weidman )WHO?) to name just a few. Especially since Trump's so supportive of his fellow man, eh?

And who said Sports wasn't Political? Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. It was Christian Horner who was trying to sell us that Bloody 'Ol London Bridge a few years ago...

Yet sadly, the only prolific Athlete speaking the truth on the subject is Thy legendous' Sir Charles, aka perennial former NBA All-star and Hall of Fame player turned prolific Sports Commentator Charles Barkley...

Hence, it makes perfect Dollars & Cents since we're off to another Democratic Kingdom this weekend for some 'lil motor racing in Thy Desert; Err that Bahraini Grand Prix, Y'all know where this tiny Island Oasis is awash in Democracy; Yeah That's the Ticket!

As typically I Boycott watching the Bahrain GP weekend, but suppose I'll be tunin' in to see how FARCICAL Qualifying truly is! As I liked David Coulthard's quip best, saying perhaps next we should explain the Offsides rule (in Soccer) after trying to explain the new F1 Qualie procedure...

Yet I'm simply stunned over the rampant STUPIDITY continuing to flow from Thy Peeenuckle 'O Motor Racing, nee Formula 1! As what in thee HELL is going on behind the curtains, as does F1 really wish to continue flattering themselves with their brilliant decision making  abilities by leaving the; excuse me, my inner Louis Black's coming on here: FUCKING Musical Chairs Qualie rules in place, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? Are they really that BAT SHIT CRAZY?

As I'm slightly reluctant to use the BBC's article since it implies that the F1 Team Bosses couldn't agree, which isn't true, but instead, they wouldn't agree to the two pathetic choices presented to them!

As I get the idea that Uncle Bernaughty's up to some sort of Machiavellian dealings here but, what truly are one Mr. Bernard Charles Ecclestone's intentions? Along with the fact he's not making himself look entirely Daft at the moment, more like a puttering 'Ol Flip Flopping Octogenarian instead!

As I think Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward sums up this Farce de Tour most eloquently with the single sentence below in regards to leaving the IDIOTIC New & Improved Qualie format intact for a second helping.

Joe Saward:
"If you stick your hand in a fire and you burn your fingers, is it smart to try the same thing again, on the basis that it might not happen a second time?"

As you can read Joe's extended thoughts upon the matter in the link above, whilst I find myself daily now questioning at what point do I give up upon Thy Sport I once so dearly treasured and have faithfully followed for thirty years. As this AIN'T MY F1! And I'm not sure really how much longer I will put up with the continuous BULLSHIT! Like bring My F1 back and QUIT FUCKING UP the motor racing!

As its pretty rare that I agree with Jacques Villeneuve's sentiments...

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