Friday, April 15, 2016

Formula 1 fixes Qualie, what's next?

So whichever "Powers-to-Be" finally, rightfully capitulated upon reverting back to the F1 Knockout Qualifying format everyone's been demanding...

As I'm thrilled that whomever's running The Show, aka Thy Peenuckle 'O Motorsports, nee Formula 1 has decided to say "Uncle;" Err Gesundheit! And I understand this BIZZARO idea that any type of publicity's good, even BAD Publicity, but me thinks the Jig's UP!

As Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen so astutely asked Mwah, is Bernie Ecclestone Senile? Which a large part of me reckons so...

But then again is this  just a really, really SHITTY way of trying to show the F1 Teams, and more importantly the new Upstarts, i.e.; Sergio Marchionne, Toto Wolff, etc who's still Boss?

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