Friday, April 1, 2016

The Original PIR's renaissance

And whilst on the subject of 'El Capitano and PIR this weekend; NO! Not my Oft-neglected; Err forgotten Portland International Raceway; Sigh!

Instead, we're talking 'bout Phoenix's Dogleg or D-Shaped One-mile progressively banked Oval track for which Y'all can watch this Saturday Nites' IndyCar race under the lights upon NBCSN.

As presumably the whole 'Peacock-lite gang will be there. With Leigh Diffey anchoring Thy action while hopefully 'PT, aka The Thrill from The West Hill, nee Paul Tracy, whom I believe is a resident of Arizona now? Will be in Avondale, with his racing cohort Townsend "Shut Up and Drive" Bell both being topside with Messer Diffey.

Pitlane surely will feature Kevin Lee, Katie Hargitt and hopefully the BEST Pitlane Reporter in the business, Professor B', aka Jon Beekhuis! While 'Ol 'R, the venerable Soothsayer 'O Indy Cars Robin Miller will chime-in, and Gads, may be even do another mesmerizing Pitlane Shuffle?

Meanwhile, here's a story about Roger Penske's early years, for whom I liken to Arizona due to his wondrous Penske Racing Museum being located nearby Blogmeister Miguel's Housianna' in Scottsdale.

Although the slightly dated Arizona Republic's article naturally was written to promote PIR's main staple, nee 'RASSCAR; URGH! Nonetheless, it's a good read, as little did I know that Roger actually turned down an invitation to earn his Rookie Stripes at Mother Speedway 'Wayback in the mid-1960's, albeit Penske's certainly done Otay for himself anyways!

And although I'm NOT holding my breath! It sure would be nice seeing somebody besides Penske, Ganassi or Andretti pull a surprise win at Phoenix Int'l Raceway!

Like I Dunno, say thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown or Josef STUD! Newgarden; Hmm? I said surprise, which would mean somebody like Conor Daly, the Foyt Twins Taku-san & Union Jack! Mikhail Aleshin or Hmm? Marco Andretti...