Monday, April 25, 2016

Lorenzo Bolts to Ducati for 2017, Rossi wins in Spain!

Was originally surprised by the Shock News via Reuters one morning recently over reigning MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo's decision to switch to rival Scooters' manufacturer Ducati for next year's MotoGP campaign.

Yet, the move seems more obvious now that "the Doctor," nee Valentino Rossi has secured a further two year contract extension with Movistar Yamaha - along with claiming Lorenzo's latest title was a "Spanish Stichup!" As the Yamaha team-mates are anything but cordial with each other these days!

Although the move still leaves me curious if Lorenzo can pull "A Hamilton?" A la Thy Young Louise' leaving then better McLaren for the underachieving Mercedes GP. As we A-L-L know how that turned out! Then again Ducati's not won a championship since the Casey Stoner era, albeit naturally parent owner Audi's determined to rectify that...

Jorge Lorenzo's Ducati move poses tricky questions

Meanwhile, obviously Valentino was carrying a torch to burn; Err Stitches to tear out in Spain, as thee Doctor put on another riding Clinique in Jerez, first claiming Pole for the first time there since '05. Then sashaying away from his friends Lorenzo and Marc Marquez to lead wire-to-wire for his 87th MotoGP win and 113th overall in his entire career. As who says revenge is a dish best served cold, eh? Albeit Marquez leads the title chase with Lorenzo ahead of Rossi...