Monday, April 18, 2016

So was there A Full Moon Saturday Night?

As we had two fairly entertaining races in China and Long Beach where certain characters got Shanghaied!

For Mwah, it was so delectable, somebody giving 'lil Sid Viddle a taste 'O his own medicine - that I had to watch Thy race  broadcast twice! In order to S-E-E; Err Hear Rooskie' Daniel Kvyat giving ex-Red Bull Racing and Quadruple F1 world champion a very palatable explanation in the Pre-podium "Greenroom" over driving etiquette at the start of a Formula 1 race!

Although cannot seem to find a full transcript of the entire conversation anywheres' upon Thy Web, I thoroughly enjoyed 21yr old Kvyat's bravado  in the face of Sebastian's tirade, with an epic reference to Thy late Saint Ayrton: "You see a Gap, you G-O for I-T!"

Finding Thyself doing a crooked index finger wave to Vettel the whole time Kvyat rightly stood his ground!

As the Fans have spoke Seb, bring us your Torch! With Kvyat being unequivocally voted Driver of the Race, not to mention his second career F1 podium coming the race prior to his home Grand Prix...

Then there's the Long Beach IndyCar race, where Y'all saw Pageantry's yellow line 4-wheel Drift, right? As "Symone Pagenoe" took advantage of blending back into Thy lead ahead of Scotty "The Iceman" Dixon - Who wasn't feeling too cool after finishing runner-up to Pagenaud! With the Frenchman en route to victory for the fifth time in his Open Wheel Racing career.

Yet as Yuhs may know? Your visually impaired Keyboard Warrior couldn't S-E-E the alleged infraction upon Thy Telie, albeit Peacock-lite's (NBCSN) Driver Analyst's Paul Tracy & Townsend  Bell sounded pretty emphatic 'bout Simon Pagenaud clearly Breaking the rule discussed in the Driver's meeting, with PT' going so far as inferring MAN UP Race Control! But instead after taking their sweet time, simply gave the Penske driver a warning!

While the most amazing Bit to Mwah was Dixon radioing in that's a Penalty after seeing I-T on a Jumbotron video board while at speed on the race course!

But Kudos to Pagenaud for driving like a Madman and finally winning for El Capitano, nee Roger Penske - who seemed pretty smug during his Post-race interview...

So, what's your call upon these two racing incidents? As Inquiring Minds wanna know...