Friday, December 4, 2015

Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans

What can you say about one of the coolest Cats of All? Especially who not only loved fast cars but enjoyed racing them...

Suppose I'm a 'Wee bit 'Ol School, as I still enjoy perusing the Newspapers each day, albeit thru the wonderful telephone service feature of the National Federation of the Blind's NFB Newsline for The Blind - which allows me to listen daily to Newspapers from all over the world; but I digress...

thus last weekend when doing my daily news Crawl, I enjoyed listening to the story on The Guardian about Steve McQueen's documentary titled The Man and Le Mans, for which I had NO idea was being released.

While I'm pretty certain I've scribbled previously here at No Fenders about my most enduring memory of McQueen, which involves the Bad Arse Actor, the late Peter Revson and "Super Mario," aka Mario Andretti.

As the legendous Andretti was so enraged by the thought of a DAMN Actor beating him at Sebring, that Mario, who's primary Ferrari Sports Car had already retired hopped into a second Ferrari and ran down the duo of McQueen and Revson for overall victory at the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring! While Revson who did the Lion's share of driving, along with McQueen who was racing with his leg in a cast brought their Porsche 908 Spyder home runner-up!

And being a lifelong Aficionado of A-L-L things motorized, most particularly CAR KRAZY! Naturally my favourite McQueen film was Bullitt, which I'm pretty certain is my only film of McQueen's I've ever seen multiple times, although I probably have seen bits 'N pieces of The Great Escape somewheres' along the line. And may be even snippets of the Thomas Crown Affair?

thus as the following Cannes Films review points out, Le Mans, which still ranks as my All-time Numero Uno racing film was the Waterloo of McQueen's career, after the Red Hot actor was given six million dollars to go make any movie he wanted, the film was late and went over budget as McQueen simply couldn't make up his mind on a script.

And although gone now forever, I still fondly recall finding a Le Mans movie poster when growing up and can still vividly see Steve standing stoically in his Gulf Oil driving suit and lower face swathed in presumably fire prevention gear when drivers still wore open face helmets and goggles...

As may be Santa will bring me a DVD copy of this latest Documentary which has come out "Justin-time" for the Holidazes...

VIDEO: The Man and Le Mans Movie Trailer

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