Friday, December 11, 2015

MOTO GP: Sepang Saga overshadows Season Finale

Arch rivals Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi's Mega controversial collision in Malaysia continued casting pall upon what was a brilliant championship season up to that point. As the final outcome in Spain did little to alleviate the situation..

As not really sure when I tuned out of MotoGP this season, which was largely due to having NO recording abilities and growing ever tired of getting up at O.M.F.G. DARK 30! With Fox Sports-1 (FS1) only showing the elite riders perform once typically at 5AM Pacific preceded by a half hour's Preamble.

thus, I missed A-L-L of the controversy occurring during the Malaysian Grand Prix taking place October 25th upon the very same Ash-fault' Thy Formula 1 Circus appropriates each year. While unfortunately Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is site of where past MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli died during competition October 23, 2011 - One week after the late Dan Wheldon's fatal accident at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

And instead of trying to re-create what's already been published, I'll defer to Axis of Oversteer', who's already done the Heavy lifting in another excellent post...

While I'm not gonna try professing I know about any of the controversy surrounding Phillip Island and Malaysia, it certainly seems like there was plenty 'O Dirty Pool being played by both "the Doctor," nee Valentino Rossi, the cagey veteran and his arch-nemesis "the Whiz Kid," nee Marc Marquez. As I cannot ever recall such controversy surrounding the proceedings during the lead-up to the season finale.

Thus I dually awoke at 4:20 FREAKIN' AM in hopes of seeing the Doctor operate his magic one more time, especially since he'd have to start dead last after being given the penalty regarding what was known as "The Kick" heard round the world!

As this seemed ruinous to Mwah, that the MotoGP championship would be lopsidedly positioned in Jorge Lorenzo's favour - Arguably with the help of countryman Marquez? Who's riding tactics at Sepang sound questionable but then again, Rossi got himself inexplicably into thee mess!

Alas, we'll never truly know, but after Rossi masterfully worked his way to fourth place, he literally hit an "Aerodynamic Wall," and couldn't advance any further and would need to rely solely upon the two rival Honda riders overtaking their countryman Lorenzo to win the title. FAT CHANCE!


As naturally Marquez and his team Honda claim they did everything by the book, but to my untrained eye, it appeared that Marquez simply retained station behind Lorenzo the entire race and then when his team-mate Pedrosa attempted to overtake for the lead, Marquez totally derailed his advancement and appeared nothing more than a "Blocking Back" or Bodyguard ensuring Spain retained the championship crown!

Hence, I'm pretty happy that I decided to jump off the "Marquez Train" at the beginning of this year - Switching my allegiances to Suzuki's Rookie Maverick ViƱales instead, whilst Lorenzo's podium antics and Loudmouth press comments have also given me haste to despise his  behaviour too!

Therefore it comforts me to know I'm not alone in these feelings  towards Marquez outlandish manipulation of the MotoGP championship...

Post-race Pot Shots
While I totally agree with The Doctor and think his sentiments are just, nonetheless it seems pretty petchulant to be so brazen in the media with his accusations, since after all he's the one that supposedly kicked Marquez...

While naturally you'd expect nothing less from the winning Factory Team afterwards, even though I'll always believe that this twisted occurrence of events happened...

Meanwhile, it sounds like Lorenzo's been attending the Lewis Hamilton School 'O Social Media, as he's already apologized once for giving Rossi the Thumb's Down sign, and now this. Hmm? Interesting how Jorgie Porgy had to withdraw from the  Race Of Champions after burning his leg; Co-inky-dense Huh?