Monday, December 7, 2015

F1: Winners 'N Losers?

Suppose it's just one more sign of how badly Formula 1 reeks of selling its soul to the highest bidder, eh?

Whilst it still seems an atrocity that Formula 1 will collide with the storied 24 Heurs du Mans Date-wise next year, even more atrocious is the notion that Baku, due to its quaint size, will only be offering a total of 28,000 tickets for its inaugural Grand Prix.

Thus, it makes I-T seem even more indicative that Parisian Monsieur Todt  and Uncle Bernaughty have purposely caused this date clash, perhaps to thumb their noses at F1 drivers racing at Circuit de la Sarthe spitefully?

Meanwhile, the drama surrounding COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas and its future as site of the USGP continues swirling, as notice how Messer Bernard Charles Ecclestone questioned how they'll continue if the Governor cuts the event funding.

While the World Motor Sport Council just rubber-stamped the FIA's 2016 Formula 1 calendar with a Monstrous record setting 21-race schedule which includes COTA, albeit with an asterisk next to it claiming subject to agreements with the Promoter and Governing Body, which naturally is code for meeting the requisite payment!

As its been pointed out to Mwah that there's NO Contract regarding the Special Events Trust Fund concerning the $25m yearly USGP hosting  fee  payment.

Yet presumably a contract was signed between the FIA and COTA to host the race for a duration of ten years, so perhaps its semantics but! Isn't an Agreement a form of a Contract, regardless of what Government Administration it was made with?

whilst I-T would serve Formula 1 right to finally have a U.S. Flagged F1 constructor on the grid with NO United States Grand Prix to contest!