Monday, December 7, 2015

Formula One's Three Engine Circus...

Although IndyCar Fans won't be riding Milwaukee's Ferris-wheel next year, at least F1's engine Merry-go-Round is over for the time being. (The Tomaso Collection)
Stee-ep right up Ladies & Germs'. Don't be shy, who wants to win the 'lil woman a Kubie doll? Hurray-hurray-hurray...

By now Y'all have heard the riveting news; NOT! That the Red Bull-Renault engine saga has been put to bed, effectively with a whimper, although its GURR-REAT! News that le Reggie will indeed remain in the game, most importantly for the fine folks behind the scenes at Jolly 'Ol Enstone.

As Head Cheese Carlos Ghosn publicly gave the Green light to Renault's buyout of debt ridden Lotus F1 late Thursday evening, Dec 3, in order to effectively beat Red Bull to the punch?

As Red Bull apparently gave their intensions away with a clever picture of Tag Heuer Bofffins' at the back of a Red Bull chassis before making the 'Offical announcement Friday.

While the final domino had already fallen when the FIA granted la Scuderia permission to supply Red Bulls 'lil Seester Toro Rosso a fourth supply of  rosso Ferrari lumps; Err PU's next year, albeit year old Maranello specification instead.

As thankfully this whole sorrid affair, which seemingly kept F1 in a virtual fog 'O mystery, albeit very poor theatre now comes to a close.

While I'm more intrigued over whether or not Toro Rosso will finish ahead of Sauber next year? Which if so, could entice the Hinwil based squad to take up links with Honda?

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS)