Sunday, July 13, 2014

Post Mortem...

So I got the new eye exam appointment Pre-approved, after calling back my doctor's office who forgot to call me 24-48hrs after my request. Then STUPIDLY I called my new eye doctor to S-E-E if they really needed my previous medical records? Which of course they said yes.

Calling my old doctor's office with FAX# in hand, I was informed that I'd need to go to their website and print out the medical release form  instead, to which of course naturally, my printer had just ran out of ink; URGH! What's that song 'bout Tell Me Why I Don't Like Monday's; Hya!

So I bumbled my way home from the nearby Office Depot after having inadvertly walked in the street when I couldn't figure out how to cut thru the Restaurant's sidewalk, got home, inserted the new ink cartridge and when to the required website...


FUCKING EH RAY! Guess What? The website  isn't compatible with my Zoomtext 10.0 Screen-reader, as 'Lucy immediately FROZE! Upon trying to read the page; Oh Shit, here we go again!

Yep, Lucy continuously froze up on the  page, and when I tried opening the File to just print the page in order to  try seeing where I was supposed to go, there weren't ANY DAMN BLEEPIN' way to print it...

So I went Old School and used that invention called a telephone, and simply got them to mail me a blank page instead, which who knows whether or not I'll be able to SEE I-T? Oh Never Mind!

And to think I've wasted how much time  'N energy just to go see a new eye doctor, who I have NO idea  if  he'll be any good or not? As I seem to recall that I didn't go back to his predecessor 'cause I didn't find him particularly  outgoing or patient friendly; but I digress, as I'm still pretty certain that Herr Schumacher doesn't have to go thru any of this CRAP to get medical attention, eh?