Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back, Sorta...

'Whale, I really hadn't expected to get thy 'Confuzer back in one day's time, which unexpectedly happened prior to the 4th 'O July weekend; having since been gallivanting 'round thy Pacific Northwest way too much lately to have any time to scribble something of importance...

As I'm definitely 100% DONE! With the local Computer Shop I'd done business with over the past year's time... As basically what we'd discover, after the JACKALOPE Computer Sonics "Bench Jockey" accused me of lying to him... Lost another customer with his (ridiculous) customer service; NOT! After I'd tried vainly giving my patronage to a local business.

The IDIOT in question said to me on the phone: Who serviced your machine? To which I (truthfully) replied; nobody. To which he asked a little more firmly: No, who serviced your machine? To which I calmly replied NOBODY HAS! As it's NEVER been serviced, to which he curtly echoed again: Who serviced your machine. To which I retorted, nobody has,  that's the way it came from your shop when I purchased I-T! To which I really should have said: YOU FUCKING BUILT IT THAT WAY!

AnyHoo, imagine my surprise when we pulled up to where the Computer shop used to be, only to find the shop vacant - fortunately with a we've moved notice & location on the door. And sauntering into Computer Sonics and explaining how my machine was still under warranty, they tried pulling a FAST ONE by saying, NO Sir, your warranty is from the date of purchase - even though my machine wasn't built until a week later.

Well Ok, but it's still making a nasty sound upon start-up, please diagnose it for Mwah, to which I was shocked to receive the aforementioned phone call questioning my honesty the very same day as the Bombastic Boffin' said your machine's got electrical tape all over it and there's an incorrectly wired switch in it, Huh; WTF?

Thus, thanxs to Claudio, we picked up le Machine one  day later, to which the Computer Geeks firmly told me that my warranty was done; Uh Duh JACKARSES! As they told me that the power source was the issue, as Claudio would subsequently show me how the sides of the power source unit were wrinkled, bent and chewed-up, to which A-L-L we could surmise is that they'd tried cutting corners by installing used parts upon my machine that I'd thought I was paying for a brand new computer CPU tower one year ago when having it built...

And thus it makes me laugh seeing the "Positive Feedback" remarks upon Zed Internetz, for said company that cannot even update its new location on the very same Internetz! As obviously I'll NEVER be going back there again!

But at least for the time being, I've got a working 'Confuzer, and thus, I'll continue with the riveting Blog stories for awhile longer - which I guess I'd better ski-dattle 'N start scribblin' some more, eh?