Friday, July 11, 2014

Schumacher's prognosis gets Stranger 'N Stranger...

Obviously I wish for the old 'Herr Schumacher to return, although I've long since been resigned to the fact that Michael's never coming back the way he was just prior to his 45th birthday, when he cracked his head while skiing.

And whilst A-L-L of the congratulary mood over Schuey having emerged from his Coma is certainly good news, I tend to believe ex-FIA Medical Delegate Gary Hartstein's views as probably being more realistic.

As I'm ARSE-sumin' Y'all have heard the news by now over 'DER TERMINATOR's medical records having been stolen, right?

As I'm certain its true, and I don't wanna sound too cynical, but! Isn't it ironic that this news comes quickly on the heels of the Schumacher camp putting out their Draconian  "NO FLY" press statement regarding  any further news being issued upon Michael's status upon his move from the Grenoble facility, (where his medical records were taken from) and that ANY speculation will be dealt with harshly 'N legally,  Ja Volt!

All of which Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward succinctly summed up in his latest Podcast by noting that if anything, they've just poured fuel upon the fire, since there's millions of fans around the globe who simply wish to know how Michael's progressing - to which the veil 'O silence only heightens the speculation daily...

As I understand the need for privacy by all concerned, but it makes you wonder what they're not telling us by taking this very approach to handling the matter, all of which can easily be defused by issuing  a short medical progress update, as I cannot help but wonder Michael's true prognosis after just having read the following story in France...

Meanwhile, one of Michael's longtime personal sponsors has decided to end their association with the ex-world champion, which probably is just the tip of the iceberg, eh?

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