Friday, July 4, 2014

After Bottas celebrates maiden F1 Podium, who'll be next to join the Mercedes Boys?

Otay, doesn't it seem like half of the Grand Prix season has already screamed-by! Albeit we're not officially to the halfway mark, but nevertheless, having just scribbled this prior to Silverstone, (before going offline...) we're on Round-9 of 19 already - which may or may not be the halfway point of the season.

As I've mentioned previously, I'm still debating upon who my new "Numero Uno" Gran Primo Piloto is, with thee "Incredible 'Hulkster" (Nico Hulkenberg) and Valtteri Bottas being my two finalists, although I'd originally had Jules Bianchi's name in this group, while I'm also quite smitten with Daniel 'Ricky Ricciardo these days too...

Thus, upon the heels of Ricciardo besting his first official podium finishes, by scoring his debutant Grand Prix victory at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, as its simply amazing how he's currently crushing Quadruple World Champion team-mate "TWINKIEBOY!" (Seb' Vettel) wasn't it really kOOL! To see Team 'Willy's duo of Felipe Massa & Valtteri Bottas lock-out the front row in Austria - with Bottas notching up his first ever podium finish while leading team-mate Massa across the stripe for Williams best finish of the season in P3-4!

Yet it must seem like an eternity since Kevin ("Bacon") Magnussen scored his debutant podium Down Under in Bloody 'Oz 'Wayback in March - after the Stewards had let everybody go home delirious over 'Aussie Ricciardo apparently being the first Australian to stand upon the podium in their home race before his disqualification from an excellent runner-up finish later that evening, thus gifting MAGS' JR's elder team-mate 'JENSE (Button) the final step upon the podium (third place) after Magnussen was elevated to second.

And since the season's opening race in Melbourne, Ricciardo has somewhat surprisingly been the man joining the 'Uber dominant Merc' duo of 'Brittany (Nico Rosberg) and thee young "Louise 'JAGUAR" Hamilton upon the podium, with three visits to date, followed by two third place finishes by Red Bull Bully-boy Vettel, along with a lone third place finish by Force India's Sergio Perez and Scuderia Ferrari's "Fredrico Suave" (Fernando Alonso) apiece.

So, will Team Willy' continue its impressive form? Will Ricciardo snatch another third place finish? Or will somebody else join those 'Uber dominant Mercedes Boyz upon the Silverstone podium? You Make the Call!