Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Formula 1 Scraping Bottom or Just Staying in the News?

Hmm? Now that Formula One's on Holiday, isn't I-T ironic that Uncle Bernaughty is once again stiring duh pot, with supposedly enticing Bosom Buddy Flavour Flav', or as Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward so rightly christened him; "HMS Monogram!" back into thee Fold.

So who am I talking about? Well, none other than the disgraced ex-Boss of Renault F1's Flavio Briatore, who I also do NOT have time for, as good 'Ol Flav' stepped into I-T with both feet for Mwah with his slanderous tone towards then F1 driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. which I scribbled 'bout in;

Now comes word that Messer E wishes to have Briatore help sort  out Formula 1 from the Doldrums it's in, really?

As the following is definitely a step in the right direction, i.e.; scrapping the STUPID idea of having Standing Grid Restarts after a Safety Car period to spice UP duh show.

As I'd been meaning to mention how "SAFE"  was that 1st-lap collision between Felipe Massa and Kevin ("Bacon") Magnussen at 'Der Hockenheimring this year?

Yet instead of adding titanium skid blocks for "Safety," yeah that's the ticket! Err, wouldn't faux showers 'O sparks be mesmerizing? Uhm, may be some sporadic sprinklers 'N soakers trackside? "Joker" Cut-out lanes and mysterious puddles 'O "Slippery Liquids" popping up on track randomly?

Hmm? Instead, why won't anybody talk about removing the FUCKING "Pay Walls" that Bernie's instituted to line his pockets! Or Gasp! Reducing the INSANE ticket prices for a 3-day reserved seat; Oh Never Mind!

As talking 'bout 'Ol Bernie Ecclestone, isn't it nice that he can afford to offer the German Prosecutor's office a cheque for $25m to make his bribery case go away... Not which the least, is being paid by the very same F1 Aficionados he's Fleecing with his Pay-per-View television contracts... As when isn't a Bribe a Bribe?

And lastly, apparently not wishing to be forgotten, 'Sir maXXam, nee MAD Max Mosley has just gone  'N sued Google over apparently not having deleted A-L-L of his disturbing Sex scandal images... Although I do enjoy seeing somebody sue Google!

Ah, how will  we ever survive while Formula 1's on Holiday; Hya!