Saturday, July 19, 2014

After a pair of World Champions squabble over 5th place as Nico's Gearbox packs up, will Rosberg return Hamilton's favour this weekend?

Whilst A-L-L of Bloody 'Ol England was awash over thy young "Louise 'JAGUAR" Hamilton's majestic victory at Jolly 'Ol Silverstone, which contrary to 'Ol Hobbo's (David Hobbs) opinion isn't the oldest Grand Prix on the circuit: Can Y'all say Monza?

As the fight for the top step upon the podium was rather sanguine, after Rosberg's first retirement of the season left crowd darling team-mate Lewis Hamilton to disappear into the sunset, some 40+ seconds ahead of a brilliant second place finish by Valtteri Bottas, Williams lone bright spot of the weekend - with Daniel Riccardo once again finishing ahead of Vettel (and a fast closing Button) in P3.

And although Hamilton's lead was never seriously questioned, nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the immense scrap over fifth place between "Fredrico Suave" (Fernando Alonso) and "TWINKIEBOY!" As for once I completely agree with "Niki-the-Rat's" assessment of Seb' Vettel needing to simply SHUT UP and QUIT Crying like a 'lil Schoolboy over the radio!

Meanwhile, as I've already divulged, MeThinks? I'm running a zillion miles behind whilst busy frolicking away the summer months; Hey! After all Seattle only has an average of 58 SUNNY Days per year! As I'm currently busy checking' out the Sand Dunes in Florence, Oregon; but I digress...

Thus, upon Gorging thyself upon Open Wheel motorsports on the 4th 'O July weekend, having watched both the Pocono IndyCar and British Grand Prix races in their entirety, overall I was very satisfied, even if the WRONG Mercedes GP driver won, even having told Mary Ellen prior to the race how although I was getting Jazzed over 'Brittany's (Nico Rosberg) growing dominance over team-mate Hamilton, it was still a long ways to go, and Nico hadn't  suffered a DNF yet... SHUHZAMM!

AnyHoo, although I'll miss the racing this weekend, nevertheless, I'm hoping that Rosberg can return the favour by winning his home Grand Prix this weekend and thus settling  down a crowing Lewis Hamilton. Yuhs know, the cocky Brit' who claimed that Rosberg wasn't a German less than a Fortnight prior to Nico's home race!

Lewis Hamilton turns up the heat withjibe at Nico Rosberg’s nationality