Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doctor-Doctor, Mister MD...

On the heels of Schuey's latest medical twist, whilst I probably shouldn't be divulging this, but; how in thee HELL did our Bloody Health Industry become so expensive, stupid 'N time consuming?

As although this doesn't have Anythingy' to do with motor racing, nevertheless it seems totally relevant upon 'DER TERMINATOR's medical records reportedly being stolen, which makes me wonder how'd it happen? As I can't even get one single  iota 'O information from my own medical providers in order to process my upcoming claim, for what I've deemed a second opinion regarding my faltering eyesight...

And perhaps I'm too 'Ol School, since I ARSE-sumed' that when calling for a doctor's appointment, that's A-L-L I'd be doing; WRONG! Otay, for our intake questionnaire we'll need your insurance ID; Huh? After filling out all of the requisite info, i.e.; name, DOB, address, phone #, reason for appointment, etc. Blood type, shoe size, second child's name; Blah-blah-blah! Not to mention two questions I wasn't required  to answer: Are you a Veteran? And what type of race do you affiliate yourself with? I said I'd need to call back since I didn't have my Insurance ID card handy.

Second call back and the second person said I'd need to provide him with my Healthcare Provider's P.O. Box  which is on the back of your card Sir; Huh? Uhm, I'm legally blind and  cannot SEE I-T! So I'll need to call you back with it. What else will you need? Just that and your Member ID Sir.

Buhrrringggg..... Call #3 and yep, Yuhs guessed I-T! Third different person. Giving her the P.O. Box and Member ID, I'd finally gotten to first base; Hoorah! Only to find out that the specific eye doctor I wished to see, and had seen in the past was NO longer accepting new patients, and since I hadn't seen him in over 3yrs I qualified as a new patient... Can you hold please while I try to see what to do next Sir? Still holding Sir? You don't mind holding for another minute? As I'm NOT able to find any of your past records in our system...

Ok, so you'll be going to see so 'N so, who's only there Monday-Tues-Wednesday and you'll actually be going to the Seattle Institute instead of the Seattle Institute, and Oh, by the way, you might wish to find out if your insurance will cover your visit prior... As I really hope your provider doesn't say vision X only... Uh, how do I find this out? Oh, you'll need to call them at the number on the back of your ID card  Sir.

Is everybody getting the picture yet? As I cannot SEE any of the small print on the retarded in$urance ID card, which the idiots sent with an industrial strength sticker covering the entire front of the card, needing to be pulled off prior to usage, and SHIT! Nearly some six months later the sticker's adhesive still WON'T come off; CRIKEYS!

Calling the Healthcare Provider... Sir, I cannot tell you without the 5-Digit Code which you'll need to get from your doctor... Otay, so I called 'em back, fourth time today  and they said we'll need to call somebody else and can we call you back with that information? Came the reply from the fifth different voice.

After lunch, the following day the phone rang; Hello? (Person #6) Sir I'm calling about the information you requested. You'll need to call our financial department for that information...

Hello, (Voice #7) what's your Seattle Institute ID number please?  I DON'T have one, as I've never  been to your clinic yet, I'm just trying to find out whether or not my visit for my eye exam will be covered yet and my Healthcare Provider says they can't tell me that information without a 5-Digit code. Who's telling you that Sir? Oh, do you mean the CPT Code? I don't know, they just said it was a  5-Digit code. Sir we cannot provide you that information, only your doctor can give you the CPT code... And so the medical billing dance goes on 'N on; URGH!

As somehow, I really feel like it shouldn't take me seven phone calls to seven different persons and not be able to find out  if my lousy in$urance is going to cover an examination of my eyesight! Heavens forbid, that they'd actually wanna help me SEE better, right? Oh Never Mind!

All of which simply leaves me wondering how Michael Schumacher's information got pinched? As surely Michael doesn't have to go thru all of this BULLSHIT! While I'm pretty sure he's getting the best treatment possible...

"The Rich Stay Healthy, the Sick Stay poor..."
"I, I, Believe in Love."

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