Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Can You Hear us now Adrian?

Calling Car No. 99; Calling Car No. 99, do you copy?

What's your current 10-20? Err location on-track? As we need you to STOP the car immediately! Confirm please! OOPS! Never mind Adrian; disregard that last instruction...

As I'm NOT trying to pile-on Sauber; BUTT! WTF? Don't think I've ever heard of a Formula 1 team ordering the WRONG car to stop on-track in the middle of a race; Aye Karumba! As I know I shouldn't say this, but; that's something I'd expect Lotus to do to Pastor Maldonado via 'BAT, nee Alan Permane; Oh wait a minute, he'd just cuss him out instead; Hya! Which is exactly what he famously did during the 2013 Indian GP to thee "Iceman," nee Kimi Raikkonen who was anything but cool during their heated exchange!

Alas, it was Sauber having done I-T to 'Yo Adrian! (Sutil) during the Austrian Grand Prix. OOPS Rubber Ducky, that's a B-I-G 10-4 on SCREWING THE POOCH!