Thursday, October 31, 2013

Did Vettel give us a Treat or simply Play a Nasty Trick upon Webber?

Was trying to think up Somme-thun' clever since after all its Halloween, which means we'll all be losing an hour's sleep shortly, not to mention the daylight decreasing dramatically! As I suppose we should view "TWINKIEBOYZ" (Seb' Vettel) mastery of Formula 1 as a Treat? Although I've already labourisly blathered on 'bout how he's ruined my admiration for him by pulling that Oh So NASTY "MULTI-21" TRICK upon teamate Mark Webber at Malaysia this year and thus, rightfully deserves the wrath of the BOO BYRDS!

Thus surely there must be some sorta rant I can come up with Baby Schue, right? Or perhaps instead somebody will slip Mikey 'Aw Shucks! Waltrip a Mr. Goodbar this Halloween night? As I'd say it was 'RASSCAR giving him a treat; Hya! As I think its a trick that we've gotta listen to A-L-L of the redundant Hype over Duh Chase, as I'll leave Y'all Goblinz 'N Gouls the following dity to sing along with...