Thursday, October 31, 2013

F1: Asian GP Roundup

Otay, so I'm way behind on this, and have NO idea when or where I'll watch an Oh So Scintillating Indian GP; but, have to say I'm becoming overly bored with "TWINKIEBOY" Seb' Vettel's continuous winning... Yeah, I know we're all supposed to be enthralled by the history making German, but Yawn; Been 'Dare, Done That with somebody named 'DER TERMINATOR! Can Y'all say Michael Schumacher? Not to mention having the pleasure of witnessing thee Four Horsemen, nee Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet  and Nigel Mansell live in the flesh twice at Phoenix, Arizona. (1989, 1991)

Thus it seems like a zillion years ago that I sat thru the Korean Grand Prix which Master 'Zebb's victory trot; Err Grand Slam was pretty monotonous, albeit the race wasn't boring due to the multitude of weird happenings ontrack, which I've scribbled briefly 'bout in;

As I'm not sure what was weirder: 'Brittany's (Nico Rosberg) nosecone falling off, 'Handlebarz (Mark Webber) car fire or the Korean's sending a four-wheel fire fighting buggy ontrack during the race; NO! No hunting for Korean Barbeque jokes here; Hooah!

Yet for Mwah, the absolute highlight of the race was thee Incredible Hulkster's mesmerizing drive to fourth place whilst holding off tirelessly three world champions behind him! With the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando alonso and Jenson button all 'Queued Up behind Nico Hulkenberg for a multitude of laps, as Hamilton even asked over his in-car radio if anybody had any suggestions how to get around him?

Hmm? The might of the Mercedes "Works" Formula 1 team unable to get around the customer Ferrari powered Sauber; Aye Karumba!

Yet it wasn't just the Works Mercedes having troubles with those pesky Saubers, as Hulkenberg's Wingman Esteban Gutierrez had qualified ahead of both McLaren's which surely delighted Gutierrez to start ahead of his more vaunted countryman 'Checka, nee Sergio Perez, right? Although Esteban slipped rearwards during the race, finishing P11, one spot behind Perez...

YAWN! Another Vettel win, Ho Hum... As why does this race seem like an eternity ago? I suppose since it was prior to my much ballyhooed trip to Indianapolis in the dead 'O winter; Hya! 'Whale it's on its way since there was a frost warning the night before I left with Chicago getting its first snow in October; but I digress...

thus 'bout all I remember towards this riveting race was the fact that Romain Grosjean actually got thee jump upon "TWINKIEBOY" (Vettel) and Webber to lead an impressive majority of the races first 43-laps before you-know-who vaulted to the front. Queue the theme music from JAWS!

Whilst once again I believe that the Red Bull Boyz purposely SCREWED Mark 'Handlebarz Webber's race - putting him upon a three-stopper which apparently cost him another potential victory since he had so much trouble getting around Grosjean in the races latter stages before another Red Bull 1-2 with Grosjean scoring his second consecutive podium...

As I recall blusterin' about how Professor Steve Matchett had proclaimed that Vettel would need another Pitstop, which ultimately was incorrect - as I kept my fingers crossed for the Frenchman to "Break his Duck" in the F1 wins Colum, but alas... As can it really be 1996 since Olivier Panis won the Monaco Grand Prix...

Other encouraging highlights was Sauber's rookie F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez scoring his debutant Grand Prix points with a fine seventh place finish - trailing home his team leader thee Incredible Hulkster, nee Nico Hulkenberg as the Sauber duo gave team founder Peter Sauber a nice 70th birthday present, albeit not as nice as Sir Frank's 70th, when Pastor Maldonado gave 'Ol Willy a winner's trophy for the first time in eight years!

As Gutierrez impressively held off the might of Mercedes 'Brittany, (Nico Rosberg) BLOODY 'JENSE (Button) and Works Ferrari driver Felipe Massa who rounded out the Top-10...

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