Monday, October 7, 2013

From the Sublime to the Bizarre

So I did it again by gorging thyself upon Open Wheel Racing instead of going outside on a beautiful fall day in the Pacific Northwest, where it was actually bright 'N sunny for once, a brief respite from our typical wet "N gray climate, as apparently our precipitation was being borrowed by Houston this morning instead...

As I know Y'all are saying just get to the point man! As I quickly felt the emotions of euphoria over somebody having forgotten to torque 'HULIO's transmission casing to what 'Ol Ralph Sheheen would have simply described as a "WICKED HIGH SIDE!" A term utilized often in the rarefied climes of MOTO GP, the Formula 1 of two wheel 'Scooterland!

As I simply held my breath over Dario Franchitti's HORRIFIC looking last lap accident at Houston, as shades 'O Ryan "Disco Inferno" Briscoe's nasty fence climbing shunt at Chicagoland came screaming into mind! As Dario's car got so high that I could actually see the airborne chassis, albeit just a blob for Mwah, since I cannot decipher the individual paint schemes/colours these days - as a frightening chill crawled over my skin as the horrible accident occurred!

As a rightful hush momentarily silenced the announcers and put a definite pall upon the racetrack and fellow competitors... Although recall that Messer Dario "REO Speedwagon" Franchitti previously escaped an earlier frightening Blow-over last lap accident, when he ran smack dab into the back of Kosuke Matsuura at Kentucky, somersaulting his Crap Wagon after having misjudged that it was the cool down lap of the event!

Now I certainly do NOT wish for any competitor to be seriously injured or worse - as I take NO comfort in correctly predicting that Franchitti certainly had at least suffered a compression fracture... It's just that the  sheer violence of the incident, especially when being stopped by an immovable object - as thankfully the catch fencing did its intended job! (mostly) But I just couldn't believe that some sort of internal injuries wouldn't occur as the human body surely isn't designed to partake such sudden deceleration, eh?

As rightly or wrongly, it was refreshing to see the instant coming together and immediate concern for Dario from all three of the podium finishers along with Helio Castroneves as it cast a very somber tome over the whole victory celebration before Chip Ganassi gave Kevin Lee the good news that Dario was ok, albeit he mumbled and complained of back and ankle pains... Which we now know were due to them being fractured. (As its since been reported that Dario suffered two fractured Vertebrae, a concussion and has now had surgery to repair his ankle...)

While the AP's Jenna Fryer reported that 13 Fans had been hit by debris, with only two being taken to hospital thankfully! As Franchitti's impact at a blind, sweeping corner where the cars nearly reach 180mph tore the catch fencing from the concrete jersey barrier and sent it into the stands., with only two being taken to hospital fortunately!

As Dario's violent impact - which sounds like a thunderclap from the remote camera filming it tore the catch fencing from the concrete jersey barrier and sent it into the stands... As in tearing it clean off and throwing it to the TOP of the stands, like Row 20; Aye Karumba! As let's NOT kid ourselves over how lucky IndyCar was! As why does the Charlotte IRL race come to mind.

Thus obviously, it was anti-climatic attempting to watch the delayed coverage of Saturday's Indy Lights race - as I'm curious over who'll be crowned champion at Fontana, although it certainly appears that Carlos 'Silk Munoz's title chances have slipped away...

And I still hadn't watched my recording of Saturday night's Korean Grand Prix, to which I can say felt very strange watching as I felt NO joy, as I attempted logging onto four-plus times at 2:09PM (Pacific) and was simply greeted by a blank gray page every time... Although I knew Dario was okay figuratively due to 'Cheep's on-air announcement.

But while the results were predictable, it was definitely one of the more bizarre F1 races I've sat thru recently, with all of the tyre issues due to the much unused track's surface apparently being grippier than expected - with 'Checka, nee Sergio Perez suffering a massive right front tyre explosion, as everybody was suffering from 'Mega graining issues... As Lewis Hamilton's in-car radio antics were absolutely priceless - bringing momentary laughter back to my somber state when he told Mercedes he'd already gone thru the graining period and his tyres were DONE! And that's before having to be BLEEPED later!

Then there was  teammate Nico Rosberg's bizarre equipment failure followed by the most unsureal sending of a fire truck on-track to put out the burning Red Bull of Mark Webber who'd been center punched by Adrian Sutil. As think it was Bob Varsha who cleverly said pour a Red Bull on I-T! Or do something as the corner workers seemed to be vainly searching for marshmallows... Hence, all-in-all, it was a very dramatic day's TV watching of Motorsports...