Thursday, October 3, 2013

ESPN Gives Marty Reid the Hook!

First off I've never been a fan of Marty Reid's we're on the 18th hole let's ALL be quiet Golf game announcing style... As perhaps he can now get a job upon the Golf Channel; Hya! Yet the news of Marty's firing from ESPN after 31-years on television seems a bit odd to Mwah, having listened to the "final offense" video twice, where he called the race over one lap early.

Yeah, it's an embarrassing mistake, to which Marty's been known for making many of over the years, but really? Was this so horrendous it demanded his firing? Not really, as I think there's something else going on, as I'd LUV' to know the age of Messer Reid, as you'd think ESPN could have waited at least until the end of the Nationwide  season to simply replace him...

And as an old boss used to enjoy telling me: Be careful of what You wish for! As lets all remember that Marty was brought in to replace Todd Harris, which I had the privilege of being reminded why I can't stand him during this year's America's Cup racing, which begs the question, who'll replace Reid for next year's Indy 500?

As I personally find the Reid, Scott Goodyear and Eddie Cheever act a poor attempt of re-creating the Paul Page, Sam Posey and Bobby Unser broadcast team... Hmm? Don't know the third Scottish sounding dude, but the ABC/ESPN ALMS trio of Brian Till, Jonny 'O )O'Connell) and this mystery man would be a breath of fresh air for IndyCar broadcasts next year!