Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yo 'Seb, I'm off for a Dip...

Although the weather's been anythingy but conducive towards Dipping Mize BALLS in the pool lately, Herr Vettel. As its been raining Cats 'N Dawgs up here lately and summer's definitely over, even think they've close the swimming pool, eh?

But Y'all know that crazy BASTARD Seb' Vettel's been making friends & influencing people, 'Whale definitely people's feelings towards who's now known affectionately here at No Fenders as 'TWINKIEBOY! Thus while I'm Out 'N Aboot gawking at a bunch of 'Vette's at LeMay America's Car Museum I'll let Y'all revel over Vettel's masterful denoting of his rivals getting their collective ARSES handed to them on-track 'cause they're A-L-L too busy dragging their BOLLOCKS in the Pool; nice one Seb!