Thursday, October 3, 2013

Has IndyCar Lost its Mojo?

So I took a few 'Dazes away from Zed Internetz and apparently A-L-L HELL broke loose, sorta... Since I was off to see, 'Whale Otay at least listen to a totally unknown & unheard of 'Gee-tar virtuoso named Nolan Garrett (last Friday) courtesy of No Fenders 'Offical Music Director 'Claudio...  Who'll once again be escorting me about Geo. Phillips  favourite 'lil TexArse track named COTA, nee thee Circuit Of The Americas for this year's US Formula 1 race.

And Nolan Garrett is definitely worth checking out as we found it preposterous that this guitar master from Tacoma, WA was only 15yrs  old while having already recorded his second album not to mention having his own band, writing songs for it along with being its lead vocalist!

Thus I found it somewhat funny that in typical fashion, there was a news dump on Friday to mask the somewhat bad news, i.e.; long awaited confirmation that IZOD was officially cancelling its IndyCar involvement, whilst I was somewhat surprised to hear the news over George Bignotti's death.

As perhaps I'm not as Hip as the rest of Y'all TwitterHeadz, Facembook crowd, etc since I apparently still get my news the Old Fashion way, along with tuning into various radio shows like Sunday night's Speed Freaks which low 'N behold had Indy Cars Open Wheel Racing Curmudgeon 'R, aka Robin Miller on its show where Robin didn't sugarcoat anything ala the IndyCar Rainbowz 'N Bunnies patrol...

As Robin proclaimed that he personally feels that the now approved road race at Mother Speedway (IMS) is the worst idea since Tony George created the IRL; YIKES! But its gonna happen, which this Racer article seems pretty tepid at best while Bryan Herta doesn't exactly give I-T a rousing endorsement...

To which I say if those of us remaining Diehard IndyCar loyalists are turned off by it, not to mention the apathetic crowd it'll bring; as really? Are we gonna be swayed by IndyCar spinning the inaugural event's massive attendance as anything more than a somewhat curious public? Since what have ALL long-term events done at the Speedway? As isn't this really nothing more than another way of protecting its Flagship property?

As it came to Mwah again last night listening to Miller, how NOBODY truly cares about the long-term viability of Open Wheel Racing since George's comment about nobody under the age of 40 knowing who Bignotti was and how disappointed he was about its lack of coverage upon twit-ER; not to mention I'm ARSE-sumin' it wasn't "trending" either, right? Makes me think there's very few following Indy Cars right now.

As may be it really doesn't matter so much when the IndyCar season ends, its more about keeping your product in the spotlight and easily accessible to all that are looking for some form of entertainment to follow... 

As really, how many of us Snaggletooth Open Wheel Racing Aficionados are truly gonna get "Cranked Up!" Over the lamented return of the 2013 Indy Car Series season this weekend in a parking lot in Houston - which has been on Sabbatical the past FIVE, as in thee number 5 FREAKIN' weeks! As about ALL I care is that 'HULIO doesn't win the title this year, but then again my track record of backing Will Power the last four years isn't exactly much to stand upon, eh?

As I'm already taking my winter's slumber - so wake me up whenever March 28th, 2014 rolls around... Oh what, there's going to be some International races to fill the void in 2015; Chirp, Chirp; is this thingy on? Oh Never Mind! As let's all be patient, as after all Silence is Golden, so let's A-L-L be Rich!