Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RUSH: The Best Racing Movie of All Time?

Those were the words that 'Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton) proclaimed in a recent post upon his The Buxton Blog when doing his Top-10 All time racing movies critique.

Which I cannot say I necessarily agree, nor can I say that I've seen all ten of his selections, as I'd probably have to say that my Numero Uno pick is a tie largely for sentimental reasons I suppose.

Having seen Ron Howard's movie RUSH one day after it opened nationwide in the US, on a very cool, blustery and definitely WET Saturday here in Seattle when all sorts of RAIN records were being shattered - it was a joy to be inside, dry, warm and watching a FREAKIN' Formula 1 movie on thee B-I-G Screen.

Does the movie have its detractors? Definitely, as I'd ARSE-sume that my local Newspaper's movie critic isn't a fan of motor racing in general as she seemed to bash the movie pretty good...

Yet I've only ever chosen to see three motor racing movies on the B-I-G Screen with sadly, the first being the abysmal flop titled Driven, which will forever be remembered as "Drive," the movie 'Awntie Harriet wanted to go see...

Yet for Mwah, all cinematic racing movies were personally judged against my first film ever watched, the classic Le Mans with super BAD ARSE (hunk) Steve McQueen, the anthesis  'O cool! While not until about seven years ago having finally seen the epic masterpiece Grand Prix, which I scribbled 'bout in;

While I've seen 'Daze 'O blunder several times late at night on thee 'Telie and unfortunately missed catching Turbo at the theatre, while  having seen Cars & Cars II on DVD. nevertheless I'd say that the documentary SENNA raised the bar super high and inevitably Ron Howard's film which follows it is compared to, rightly or wrongly, as I think A-L-L of the 'RevHeadz should GET OVER I-T! That Howard's movie isn't 100% correct and instead be happy that a FREAKIN' F1 movie made it to the big screens at all; since after all, as Niki Lauda himself most astutely pointed out: SENNA is a documentary, RUSH is a film...

My  Top-5
2. Le Mans
4. Grand Prix
5. Talladega Nights