Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stork Drops-in At O’Gara’s

A ‘lil Birdie in Indiana has just told me that expectant ‘Mum-to-be Sarah Fisher has had a Baby Girl - with Rollout of Zoey Marie O'Gara commencing on Tuesday Sept 13 at 5:15PM...

As mentioned - Sarah Fisher is the proud “Team Manager” of Zoey with ‘Hubby Andy O’Gara the proud “Crew Chief” of SFR’s brand new 2011 O’Gara-model - with NO word on whether or not (Grandpa) Johnny ‘O - NOT to be cornfuzed with the other racing Johnny ‘O (O’Connell) bought a round ‘O drinks for the patrons in his establishment Tuesday evening...

Congrats Sarah & Andy!

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